Technology to Improve Employee Cohesiveness

Technology advances more quickly than we can consume it. It seems like there’s only a few months between buying a device and the next best thing arriving on the market. Businesses are one place where technology has had a profound effect. It’s improved employee engagement and brought people closer together. You don’t need the latest […]

Which way will BlackBerry develop?

What are your associations with BlackBerry brand over a couple of last years? Well, PlayBook tablet, BlackBerry 10 OS, rebranding of RIM into BlackBerry and the release of BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. It looks like the company works hard to stay competitive at the market. But if we take a look at the company’s share prices, […]

Network Server Predicted Improvements for 2013

The rate by which network server software and hardware is changing is significant, from adjustments to popular programs like Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, through to mobile adaptations, and more advanced hard drive technology. At the same time, the costs and equipment required for server rooms is set to undergo further changes and continuity for 2013, […]

3 Unusual Way Technology Changing Health Care

In past two decades the world have technology has taken such a round that it seems that we have travelled a hundred years in between. Everything has transformed into the new avatar, the entire communication whether it is vocal or visual communication. Even our entertainment medium has modified into cloud music, movie etc. Health care […]

With Big Data Comes Big Business Opportunities

What started-off as a simple static page is now competing with millions of other urbanized counterparts but what actually is driving the world economy is ‘Data’. Considering the hasty growth of information sources like websites, flight reservations, banking transactions, smart devices and many more, giving data management responsibilities to our traditional data management techniques would […]

Sony Showed Off a New PlayStation 4

Sony has finally showed off an all-new sibling of their Play station line – Play Station 4. The seemingly flawless details of the new gadget and the uniquely improved hardware specs will surely amaze game fanatics. Since Play station 3 is continuously hitting its pace despite being pricey, Sony wants to keep its flagship in […]

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