Groupon Clone Script Reviews

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With traditional market almost vanishing in thin air and ecommerce occupying the predominant space in the internet, group buying via deals or coupons through online is the latest trend enjoyed by many. Groupon clones are nothing but scripts designed to induce customers to buy in groups. These scripts are exclusively designed to bring down the onus on the shoulders of customers while buying a product via online.


In fact, a customer doesn’t require any deal of coding experience when it comes to operating this script. As mentioned, the demand for Groupon clone scripts is growing immensely and plenty of companies are coming up with well-designed Groupon clone scripts for the benefits of customers. Here, I have listed a few companies that offer incredible scripts to ease the pressure on the customers and their benefits.

Contus Group Clone:


Contus is a web and mobile application development company which is growing steadily and healthily. Based on the inputs and queries regarding different Groupone clone scripts, they have come up with an impressive Group clone script which is completely unique and contemporary. Most of the times, customers fear to fancy their chances over these kinds of software due to 2 reasons: 1. technically difficult, 2. hefty cost. Well, on buying the scripts from Contus will ensure that you won’t confront any of the issues mentioned above. As they offer courteous services with impeccable assistance over queries and the cost of the clone is highly affordable. The entire script is designed in a way that it is completely user-friendly with easy-to-use features. As all software designed and developed are prone to issues, this one is not an exception; but, the problems due to software use will be marred by the prompt service offered by the professionals here.



Wroupon is a China-based fastest growing company. Here, the customers can buy all kinds of Groupon clones with cost-effectiveness. Though, the script offered by this company comes up with fantastic features, there are a few flips sides that need to be fixed. The biggest problem is when you add cities, you can develop bugs. And another setback is that the existence very limited payment processors. Apart from these two points, this is fine software with tidy characteristics.



This company owns a Groupon clone script developed on a “Yii” framework. As the framework is chosen is found to be complex, there are some tedious setbacks associated with this software. Being Russion-based company, it offers some interesting features apart from the setbacks experienced. However, customers possessing thorough knowledge over the Yii framework will find this software an absolute delight to use.



Another China-based company offering a professional Groupon clone for customers. Though it features some compelling features, some setbacks make this software a little difficult to use by. Ineffective while adding cities, adding websites, WYSIWYG editor restricting plain text are some of the serious difficulties faced by many customers. Barring this difficulties, this is excellent software with simple features to deal with.


This is a Bulgaria-based company selling Groupon clone scripts at attractive rates. With WordPress alike features, this is one of the widely sought after software. But, given the technical limitations and amateurish front-end drop down menus, it takes serious concerns over the simplicity. However, the back-end functions are extremely fascinating and impressive. If you are a pro, this is the good option to go for.



Yet another Indian-based company with a useful Groupon clone script for the users. With impressive and simple front-end functions, it is the hot favorite for many customers. But, the entire problem underlies in the back-end process making it tougher for the users. In addition, the price of the software varies all the time and so the charge for each and every change one wishes to make on the software.


Well, with varieties of software to choose from different companies, picking the best one may be a dilemma for many customers. But, given the limitations and benefits, the software offered by Contus appears to be closer fitting the purpose as well as bill of the customers. The Magento platform utilized by this company for the software development gives the edge over the competitors. As Magento being figured as one of the best and secure platform with tremendous support communities, going for this software designed by Contus would be the ideal choice for making your day deal successful.

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