Five cloud trends which would be worrisome in 2015

There are numerous emerging technologies on the rise nowadays, but cloud computing is by farthe one with the quickest adoption rate. Cloud-related services are expanding and improving with each day, but that doesn’t mean the technology doesn’t have its flaws, as pointed out by the numerous cases of data leaks from personal cloud accounts that […]

Save the Environment with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has emerged as the new mantra for businesses and enterprises to go green. There is a pressing need to shift to the cloud sooner or rather than later keeping in mind the bucket loads of advantages it has to offer. You don’t necessarily need to be a tree hugger in order to save […]

Can Cloud Still be Called a Buzzword?

Digitization has become an integral part of businesses these days. Other than normal IT services, businessmen are incorporating many other technologies in order to make their venture high grossing and global. One such technology is Cloud hosting. Ever since Cloud came into the picture, every techie has been going on about how it will change […]

Top 10 Cloud Security Tips You Need to Know

This article gives ten tips to help improve your cloud account security. It gives tips that are applicable to a number of accounts, not just your cloud account, from email accounts to online money accounts. The article explains a little bit about how your security may be breached and how you can make it harder […]

Technology for Virtual Businesses

In the virtual business world, most employees and clients, if not all have never set foot in your office—if you even have a physical office space to begin with. A greater number of companies are moving in the direction of virtual offices which only exist online. Even in a virtual business it is still essential—if […]

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