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It is difficult to find those who use the mail today and not already heard of spammers. If you are one of the lucky ones who never was presented to spam, Know that this is the term for which is commonly known sending mass email messages, usually with advertising imprint (but not exclusively). The spam is also known by the acronym UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email or Message Commercial Non-Solicited).

To avoid, or at least greatly reduce, the receipt of such emails here we have 10 basic tips that you can follow:

Do not reply to spam

Never, no way to respond to spam messages. The vast majority of spam comes with a text saying something like “click here if you no longer wish to receive our messages,” or “reply to this message with the subject ‘Remove’ to delete your email from our database.” Never send email to spammers even for swearing at them. Often this deception is used to confirm whether you have a valid email address. Just click on the “Cancel” if the mail is from a company known and trusted.


By identifying a spam message, Delete it before reading, and avoid entering into sites you know who send spam to advertise their services. If spammers realize that their emails are being ignored and that their reputation is being affected, may feel discouraged from this practice.

Preserve your email address

Do not give your email address in chat rooms (chat), Instant messenger, forums and discussion groups.

Have a primary email

Ideally, create an email only to accomplish registration on sites where it is needed (virtual stores, for example) and use it only for this purpose. So your primary e-mail is “cleaner”.

Collective purchases

Sites like these often been accused of selling mailing lists. So always prefer to register an email that is not used much, as said in the above tip.

Retail stores

By completing registration shops shopping and the like, do fill it with your personal email. You never know if the store will sell or not your database (included with your email address) to companies with bad intentions.

Blind copy

If you want to send email to several people, always use the “blind carbon copy (Bcc). That way you protect the address of your friends and yours. Enjoy and encourage them to do that too. Who would not be annoyed to receive an email with a huge list of emails from other people? It’s so spammers Easily manage your lists of valid emails to send their junk to us.

Do not fear threats

Do not take seriously warnings about e-mails with ominous warnings or charges for payment of debts fictitious, or to clean their bodies on behalf of credit protection (Professionals, Credit Protection Service, IRS, or others). These agencies do not communicate with anyone via email. In fact, stop thinking: I really have account on this company?

Never provide your information (ID number, address and phone number) in response to these agencies. That’s exactly what they seek.


You should always send the complaint to the provider’s home spam. For this it is absolutely essential to read the message header. It is appropriate for complaints to be forwarded with copies to SpamCop .

If you have any more tips just leave us feedback.

18 thoughts on “Tips To Avoid Receiving Spam

  1. I didn’t know BCC means “blind carbon copy” :). Spam is a huge problem. Many online programs for which I signed up in the beginning when I started blogging, I still get emails from them even after unsubscribing. Unsubscribe button was a false one!

  2. I had read earlier a small tip which can help webmaster in reducing spam. Usually, we give out our email id on our contact us form or even in about me page. So, instead of mentioning email id as, it is advised to mention: username(at)gmail(dot)com
    This helps in bypassing email searching spiders which are used for spamming.
    Correct me if I am wrong. Just my two cents.

    1. You are right Rajesh, but in order to make ourselves more accessible to readers, it is advised to use the email in its natural form. Your suggestion is a good idea for normal internet users but it is not so good for bloggers and webmasters.

  3. Isha you are a doll! thanks for those tips. You know, many times I click to unsubscribe from list. I didn’t know that this actually has the opposite effect. Good to know now. Also, since I made my blog “DoFollow” I receive spam comments there! Of course Akismet recognizes spam and puts it in the spam folder of the comments, but it’s a trouble issue anyway.

  4. Hi,

    You really know a lot of ‘avoiding spam’. I was thinking only about ‘flag as spam’ and ‘delete’. Indeed, I am using the BCC since a few days when I first heard about it and then figured out that it’s very important to use BCC. Also, we must be careful at spam – scam messages with ‘new Facebook’ that requires you loging in with your user and password into false websites. Thanks for sharing!

    Best regards,


  5. Additionally, you can also use Mailinator and such other temporary mailbox provider services for registering to sites which can surely help in reducing spam mails.
    Thanks for your tips.

  6. There are a lot of brands which by making online surveys take your email and use it for commercial purposes without your legal consent. Indeed you can report, but there are small chances that something will be done/

  7. Now a days i am getting lots of email that i have won in a lottery system. I think, those mail are spam. Am i right?

  8. I don’t get spam msgs but yeah few in my mailbox. Anyhow, good tips for avoiding spams.

  9. Everytime I want to join in a particular site or if I want to get freebies like free pdf files, I just simply use other email address to get all of these. In case I don’t want to be connected on that site again, I will simply unsubscribed for their daily or weekly udpates.

  10. Thanks for the tips. It is very important that bloggers don’t give away their primary email address to untrusted websites

  11. Hello Isha,
    I am fedup by spam emails ,your post really help me a lot to reduce my spam emails and I will avoid in replying to any such types of emails because I did it in past and I think because of it my spam emails are increasing.

  12. The best way for me is to use my other email for registration or subscription purposes. It’s the best way for me to eliminate those spam emails. If I don’t have any other choice, I will just block their emails.

  13. I recieve tops of spam mails.I have separate emailsfor spammers and for business use

  14. Cool Tips, Isha thanks for the same.

  15. i am sick and tired of receiving spam comments on my blog. i used some auto spam tools but still i received spam comments. Thanks for sharing such nice tips. I hope these will help me 🙂

  16. If I were to add something I would say use gmail accounts, they seem to catch spams better than any other.

  17. Long time back, i got lot of spam mail in my spam folder. after i did research, i found i am getting spam mail. I shared my gmail in forums and shown my mail address publicly.

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