Top 8 Google Analytics Tracking Mistakes

How often do you use Google Analytics to figure out what’s working, and what’s not in your marketing strategy? If you genuinely invest in Digital Marketing, then your answer will be – quite regularly, in fact. So, let’s pretend you’re looking at traffic growth over the last six months. In the last two weeks, you’ve […]

8 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Failing And How To Fix It

We, humans, are impatient. We want real-time results for our efforts, and when we don’t get the desired outcomes, we get frustrated. Same goes for the bloggers; at times they are not acquiring the expected results not even in the form of digital exposure (shares, traffic, subscribers, or engagement)—let alone the ROI. If you have […]

Best Ways to Deploy Google Authenticator in WordPress Blog!

In the present scenario, people have become more concerned regarding the web security as more and more work is done online. If you are one among them and having a WordPress blog, then you landed at the right page. Yes! You heard it right. We will discuss about Google’s 2-factor authentication in this post to […]

Secure Wordpress Site

How to secure WordPress Site – The Complete Guide

WordPress, the most popular content management system (CMS) is mostly used for blogging and accounts to nearly 23% of total websites on Internet. Being the most popular web publishing platform, WordPress is also among the favorites for hackers and spammers. WordPress itself is quite secure and if any loop holes are detected, they get patched […]

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