Technology to Improve Employee Cohesiveness

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Technology advances more quickly than we can consume it. It seems like there’s only a few months between buying a device and the next best thing arriving on the market. Businesses are one place where technology has had a profound effect. It’s improved employee engagement and brought people closer together.


You don’t need the latest device, though. The best thing about the following technology is the fact it works on both new and old machines.

Here’s how different types of technology improve employee cohesiveness and increases productivity.

Broadcasting to a Large Audience


When a department or company wanted to broadcast a direct message to everyone, it would take place in a meeting room. Now there’s no need to continue doing this. Being able to call someone directly through a webcam and set up a conference with multiple people enables widespread broadcasts with a minimal amount of preparation.

It ensures workers know what they’re doing and gives them a forum in which they can ask questions and raise concerns.

Crossing Borders


International companies which have teams in different offices and countries struggle to gain a certain level of cohesiveness. What’s relevant now might not be relevant in a few days, and it was often the case one team would be way ahead of the other.

The use of the Internet and new communication technologies make sure employees can come together at the same and speak from wherever they are physically. Someone in Europe can talk to someone in the US, Asia, and South America.

Online Cloud Storage


The cloud provides a place where you can share documents and make them available to a select number of people. The obvious benefit is the cutting down of time. Now you don’t have to waste time sending an email attachment to each individual.

Online cloud storage allows workers to download documents from a secure environment in real-time. Any updates are applied immediately. Anyone using cloud storage knows they’re getting the most relevant information.

File Sharing


File sharing is something which has allowed people to transfer different documents whenever they choose. Done over a secure connection, this brings everyone right up to date.

For example, in a law firm someone might have made a mistake with a contract. They can instantly make the changes and send it over through a file sharing program from wherever they are. Workers always on the move can make changes and connect, as long as there’s an Internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Online Collaboration


Technology has made it possible to edit documents together online in real-time. A whole creative team can connect to the Internet wherever there’s a connection and start editing the same document. Any changes made appear in real-time. This is a fantastic option for brainstorming sessions and hashing out ideas.

Since everyone is present in the same document, there’s no need to explain it to everyone else later. Each worker knows where they stand and what’s going on because of this sort of technology.

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