15 New iPhone X Features You Didn’t Know

Since Apple unveiled the iPhone X, tech bloggers and individuals have been commenting about the phone, most of them focusing on its $1,000 price tag, the highest ever for an iPhone. But many tech reviewers say this price is enough for the gadget as it comes with new features and is probably the best phone […]

The Apple iPhone 8, What To Expect And When

Apple has been one of the best OEMs in the market with top Operating System along with specs under the hood to boast of a more premium feature smartphones. The tech company which is also an app development company has been found to be responsible for one of the greatest and smartest Artificial Intelligence Assistants, […]

iPhone SE

iPhone SE: The New Apple Masterpiece on the Block

Apple finally has made its retreat from bigger phone trend started with iPhone 6 and released iPhone SE, the refurbished as well as more powerful version of its 4in iPhone 5S. By many considerations it can be called the new masterpiece, whether in design or specs. Now, it is destined to be the smallest smartphone […]

iPhone 7 Rumor

iPhone 7 Rumors – All you wanted to know!

Over the past month, iPhone 7 rumors are doing the rounds although the device is expected to release only in September next year. Some rumors suggest that there is a strong possibility of Apple using an AMOLED screen for its next iPhone. But the rumor was quashed by any analyst who has been right with […]

Reasons to buy Apple Watch right now

With Apple Inc. setting new benchmarks and milestones everyday, it is making the competition even more tough for its rivalries. Once with iPhone and now with iWatch or Apple Watch, Apple has always delivered its best. Just before couple days, the company unveiled its all new watch at a special event. And just in case […]

Why the Apple Watch would be a good option for your health

Apple recently launched its smart watch which comes with a sensor. Two of the sensors installed in it are meaningful particularly to those who enjoy exercising because one is a heart rate monitor while the other is an accelerometer. With both these sensors in one gadget, it is exciting to see how helpful and efficient […]

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