Technology Catching up to our Imagination

Well it’s about time too! Our vivid imaginations have taken up cross country on flying apparatus as well as across the universe. George Jetson even simplified the movement of our homes with pullouts, thereby increasing the user size after arrival at the destination. They had phones that talked everywhere and could do anything. You do […]

Top Gadgets to Amaze You in 2014

Time flies at lightning speed and before you know it, 2013 is about to come to an end. Next year will be a lot better, at least when it comes to gadgets, as the world’s top brands and their engineers have come up with more productive tools for the home, workplace, and schools – all […]

Easy to Use Data

In the last few years companies have been making a conscious effort to help their consumers with ever-easier to use products. I hope this is not actually a sign of the human race ‘dumbing down’, I prefer to view it as our lives quickening in pace and as such we have to get things done […]

Integrating Gadgets in the Home

With the growing number of tablets, smartphones, automated robot vacuum cleaners and more, the 21st century is shaping up to be nothing if not the Age of Integration. Advances in the range and abilities of microchips and processors have allowed for greater control and convenience in almost all aspects of your home. There are applications […]

Fast food in Space: 3D Printers

Have you ever imagined that you could eat something coming out from a printer? As technology takes turns at many stages, this is definitely a surprising turn! This is much more innovative than what NASA usually does. With just one touch, you could make food from a 3D printer. Isn’t this hard to believe? Well […]

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