3 Unusual Way Technology Changing Health Care

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In past two decades the world have technology has taken such a round that it seems that we have travelled a hundred years in between. Everything has transformed into the new avatar, the entire communication whether it is vocal or visual communication. Even our entertainment medium has modified into cloud music, movie etc. Health care is not an exception; on the contrary health care has the forefront influence of technology in order to make it better and more supportive to our community.


Just imagine the situation of 10 years back, where everybody use to listen to the music in the cassettes and DVD or CD brought the innovation light in the entertainment world, and now DVD seems like the primitive era. We are beyond our imagination what the advanced technology is going to offer us in nearest future. Smart phone is another great invention of tech savvy people. Communication was the primary intention of inventing phone but now it performs multitasking like; photos, audio visual media, web communication and everything else you can possibly think of.

In the health care sector ‘Doctors Go Mobile’ is the new wave generator. It has been observed and surveyed those 4 physicians out of 5 uses mobile phones while they are on duty. The mobile apps which are specially designed for the physicians are the new era effective medium to build up the connection between doctors and patients. It offers the immediate response from the doctors when the situation demands. It also connect with other doctors at any place if there is an urgency to discuss something over the web communication and provides the instant solution to share the doubt and come up with something feasible and effective solutions. Initially it was sort of restricted to use any sonic medium while doctors are on duty because of the safety but the advanced and next generation technology has solved that problem with ease too. Now tech savvy physicians are using the smart phones, tablets etc while working and staying connected with patients as well as fellow doctors to provide better service.

Other great trademark of technology in healthcare is Wii- Habilitation. We most of the time do believe in the myth that the video game is only for the tech savvy people who are almost addicted to the virtual world of gaming. But it is true that it is just a myth, interactive video game system like the Nintendo Wii and Wii fit is the real time solution to put smile on patients, specially it has proved one of the early rehabilitation for the patients of Cardiovascular diseases, respiratory failure, sepsis etc. it has been noticed that this type of video game program enhance the therapy for intensive care unit patients.

With all these new technical ventures, the health care services is reaching beyond the sky, now the real exploration would be to find out what would be the next innovation to push the next level of the health services?

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  1. Technology is undeniably a big help in saving lives of the people. This is one aspect where technology been of very great help. And it is good to know that people never stops to continue finding ways to keep on improving.

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