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How to Promote Your Brand in Social Networks

In 2016, it would be quite odd to state or prove the fact social networks are powerful promotion tools. So let’s just get down to business. In this article, I would like to give you useful advice on how to promote a brand in social networks – regardless they are popular or specific like these […]

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Everything you should Know about VR Technology

Do you have courage to walk on the top edge of a 100 story building? Obviously, you can’t do that until you are not a stuntman. Common people even don’t think to do such things because they don’t want to put their precious life in danger. By the way, what about using a gadget that […]

Facebook Data

Ten Ways How Facebook Uses Your Personal Data

Facebook has turned 11 years of age this year. With the monstrous development in clients throughout the decade it has likewise created huge income. Being the most utilized online networking stage, Facebook has baffled its clients greatly on a substantial scale with its insidious security approaches and unwelcomed shocks present in its terms of administrations. […]


Micromax Canvas Spark 3: Five reasons to buy

Currently, the mobile market is all about big screens. Gone are those days when mobile phones were all about easy portability and the ability to fit in easily into one’s shirt pocket and within even small hands. Around a decade back mobile phone manufacturers were competing to offer smaller, sleeker and lightweight handsets, but now, […]

Secure Wordpress Site

How to secure WordPress Site – The Complete Guide

WordPress, the most popular content management system (CMS) is mostly used for blogging and accounts to nearly 23% of total websites on Internet. Being the most popular web publishing platform, WordPress is also among the favorites for hackers and spammers. WordPress itself is quite secure and if any loop holes are detected, they get patched […]

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15 Best Smartphones under Rs 15,000

Hunting down the best smartphone under 15000? We’re nearing the end of April, and in case you’re considering purchasing a smartphone without spending a colossal measure of cash, you’re in fortunes. In light of the fact that there are a lot of good choices in the business sector at this moment. Try not to stress, […]

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