Which way will BlackBerry develop?

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What are your associations with BlackBerry brand over a couple of last years? Well, PlayBook tablet, BlackBerry 10 OS, rebranding of RIM into BlackBerry and the release of BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. It looks like the company works hard to stay competitive at the market. But if we take a look at the company’s share prices, then it’ll become obvious that it’s not as successful as it used to be.


But let’s take a look at the company’s policy. It’s obvious that it tries to compete at two markets simultaneously – enter the consumer market and return its share of the enterprise market. The example of the first statement is BlackBerry Z10 with a set of social features like BlackBerry Hub. At the moment it allows the company to keep 2.9% of the market placing behind Windows Phone.

Speaking about the enterprise market, it’s not that evident. We know that BlackBerry began as a corporate platform, and the company is not going to leave it. Even more, the company takes active steps to establish itself at this market.

If you need a corporate platform then BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is hard to pass by. This enterprise solution consists of 5 parts: Device Management, Unified Communications, BlackBerry Balance, Apps, Security. And it offers wide possibilities for managing mobility within three ecosystems: BlackBerry 10, Android and iOS. So it’s a perfect solution in case you have a wide mobile network with different devices and platforms within it. BlackBerry Balance is a unique feature – it allows dividing your smartphone into two zones: working and private. These zones will not intersect, keeping information, apps for work and for your private life apart. Neither Android nor iOS can boast of such a feature.

BlackBerry pays special attention to developers. The advantages of developing for BlackBerry are pretty obvious – three development environments, porting from Android, etc. And what is more important, the company takes upon itself the problem of working with BlackBerry Balance.

So right now the enterprise market looks like the most promising one for the Canadian company. They managed to be a leader there once, now they can become one again. Their complex solutions can be a key factor in the competition at the market.

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