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The major antivirus free market in recent months gained, major updates, the latest was the Avast that in it’s sixth edition. They resulted in Several changes in the virus scanning systems and the use of real-time Protection of programs. The changes, for good or for evil, also included the adoption of new technologies, resources and even the complete overhaul of the interface – the emblematic case Avast With the visual totally refurbished.

Anti-Virus software is now a must for any computer user, But what’s the best for you?

Some professionals say that best antivirus is updated, the viruses emerge every day, with this update is the indispensable STIs antivirus. The developers of Free Antivirus increasingly are Creating high quality products for the user, and are an equal footing on competing with those paid one’s.

But you must be in doubt on Which one to install?

We prepared a summary of key free antivirus:


  • Avast! Free Antivirus 6.0.1000 Final


Avast! Reaches it’s sixth edition with the quality and efficiency of all time, and even more new features bringing and facilities for users.


  • Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Classic 2010

The software is known Providing Full Protection to your computer without having to pay anything for it and stands by Oct. against competitors quickly conquered space in the competitive market for free antivirus. The program, Which evolved gradually, is already regarded the one of the best options to protect your in-time computer against Threats


  • Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0.657.0

The first version of Security Essentials Microsoft surprised everyone by quality, and in August 2010 was appointed to one of the ten best antivirus programs by AV-Comparatives, an agency specializing in performing this type of assessment. Easy to use, free tool for your computer protecting against online Threats, with the seal of approval from Microsoft. The interface is patterned after the elegance of the brand, Besides being very Practical due to the qualification of the options in a clean and functional.


  • AVG Anti-Virus Free 2011

This version Could Be Faster, more simple and effective – Threats Against most. Are more modules, But That does not mean They weigh on the computer. The great merit of this version is to combine good performance without sucking system resources.


  • BitDefender Free Edition 2010

Although it does Not Have anti-spyware, anti-spam and firewall or antivirus BitDefender Free Ensures the good level of the Protection for your PC files. But software is not very light, Which Can Generate a long time to load the operating system.


So, which one on you are using or planned to use? Please share experience with these free softwares.


  1. Avatar for Anand Singh
    Shiva @ Money Making Ideas

    My favorite 3 are Avira, Avast and Avg. Never used Bitdefender Free edition, will try to check it out. Well free anti viruses saves us a lot of money, because not every body can afford to buy a paid version.

    • Avatar for Anand Singh
      Isha Singh

      even free anti virus are now competing paid one’s.. just there is few features more in paid one..

  2. Avatar for Anand Singh

    All the five are good Antivirus. Which do you recommend?

    • Avatar for Anand Singh
      Isha Singh

      i recommend Avast, as it uses real-time protection and many new technologies in compare to paid one’s..

  3. Avatar for Anand Singh

    Nice Article Isha! But I am shocked to see AVG in this list. I use Avira it is really awesome 😀
    The best antivirus(not free) is Vipre Antivirus.

    • Avatar for Anand Singh
      Isha Singh

      yup… i too used Avira and is the best free version for me but now there are many changes others free antivirus software’s.

  4. Avatar for Anand Singh

    hi.. as such free anti-virus are easily available on the site and they are easily to download from several different site…but still what is benefits of downloading that ….even if you will installed a anti-virus on you system…virus will be there in just a month …the reason is every day the hackers and other techies create diffrent virus to break you security or to peep into you personal system….so i would rather suggest you to just take a new antivirus so that by daily update you pc will be fully updated with latest threats ….

    rest the disission is upto you

    • Avatar for Anand Singh
      Isha Singh

      i agree with you aadi but free antivirus can also updated daily to keep away from the latest threats…

  5. Avatar for Anand Singh
    Rajesh@Hack Facebook Account

    Its good to see my favorite AV avira listed in above article. If you want premium version for free, check out the link in my commentluv. Enjoy avira premium promotion.
    Thanks for the great list of free antiviruses. Avira is the best antivirus I have been using since last 2 years and fully satisfied with it.

    • Avatar for Anand Singh
      Isha Singh

      yes, Rajesh i too agree with you.. Avira is the best one… And thanks for the link for the premium one..

      • Avatar for Anand Singh
        Rajesh@Hack Facebook Account

        You are welcome friend.

  6. Avatar for Anand Singh
    Geet | HobbyIdeas

    What about free Panda Cloud AV? Any idea.

    • Avatar for Anand Singh
      Isha Singh

      i haven’t used Panda Cloud. Thanks for adding one.

  7. Avatar for Anand Singh
    Lyka Ricks

    Avast is a Great Anti-Virus Software, its proven and tested.

  8. Avatar for Anand Singh

    Avira works for me, sure they have an Ad popup every so oftent, but it is not bloated and works well. I use this in conjunction with Malwarebytes.

  9. Avatar for Anand Singh

    I’m using Essentials, and until now everything works smoothly.

  10. Avatar for Anand Singh

    I have tried Avira Antivirus and have good comments as feedback. Avira does not slow down the computer and even picks up threats that are from the web pages

  11. Avatar for Anand Singh

    I have always use AVG and compared to the others I have used they are still the best.

  12. Avatar for Anand Singh

    If you want a free and a best antivirus for a lifetime, then go for microsoft security essentials. its so easy to understand and use. Very powerful and easy to use. i love it. and mostly its free of cost if you are using a genuine windows. So why dont you get one of the best antivirus in world now.

  13. Avatar for Anand Singh
    Technical Blog

    I personally would put AVG as # 1 because it gets viruses that others don’t even catch. Just my personal experience.

  14. Avatar for Anand Singh
    Mir Imran Elahi

    I’m using Kaspersky Pure.If you are looking for a free antivirus program try Microsoft Security Essentials.

  15. Avatar for Anand Singh

    Thanks for nice list.I’m searching for this.Btw Avira is the best Antivirus.

  16. Avatar for Anand Singh
    web design ireland

    I routinely remove Norton from my customer’s machines. Most of the time they ignore or don’t notice the warning of the free trial ending. It’s bloatware at best.Avast is my favorite. I used to recommend AVG as well… but I have noticed a lot of spyware slips past it and shuts off the Security Center. Not good!

  17. Avatar for Anand Singh
    web design ireland

    I would recommend antivirus Im currently using, ZenOK Free Antivirus, it’s giving away free licenses of their Free Antivirus Software 2012, I got mine already from its webiste a friend of me told me about zenok.

  18. Avatar for Anand Singh
    Sport Chalet Coupon

    I use malwarebytes for my free software. After using many other free and some paid ones too, Malwarebytes was the most consistent in finding new viruses and trojans. I have never had spyware or a virus that it did not find and remove.

  19. Avatar for Anand Singh
    Better SEO

    I am using BitDefender from last 4 years.. and its amazing..

  20. Avatar for Anand Singh
    uhf cb radios

    I personally prefer Avast Free Antivirus. It has been proven to be a good and countable antivirus for my laptop for years. It is easy to use too and also new user friendly.

  21. Avatar for Anand Singh
    yipit clone

    im using Avast antivirus.its leading in both security features and scanning speed.
    Having antivirus protection is critical, fortunately, easier than ever.
    my small tip-Remember to update Avast virus definitions periodically by clicking on the lightning bolt icon found on the left side of the console.
    AVAST is a best antivirus ever…

  22. Avatar for Anand Singh

    My favorite is kaspersky, please get some full version trick of it.

  23. Avatar for Anand Singh
    Shubham Gupta

    Free things are always goods as it causes no harm but when it comes to performance many free stuff gets blacklisted. Avast is the best free antivirus but in front of Kaspersky its not even half but Kaspersky is not avaiable for free. Yet you wrote a beuatiful article.

  24. Avatar for Anand Singh
    Mohsin Ali

    Avast is no doubt is the number one free and most used antivirus in the world.

  25. Avatar for Anand Singh

    Great list indeed. Avast is my favorite among the lot and I haven’t faced any major virus problem when I was using it in my system. It is in fact better than many paid antivirus applications too. Among the paid ones I like Quickheal and Bit defender.

  26. Avatar for Anand Singh

    nice article i more like quickheal anti virus but its not provide fee so i purchase it last month and i am happy. its doing great work. thanks for sharing free antivirus software list.

  27. Avatar for Anand Singh
    Setiawan Aguz

    Nice post Anand! I used to use Avira some while ago but I can’t stand the frequent pop-up advertisement that urged me to upgrade. So I switch to BitDefender now. So far, I think it’s pretty good at protecting my PC. It has no ads, no pop-up or other annoyance. It’s a bit heavy, though, so overall score would be 8/10.

  28. Avatar for Anand Singh
    IT Solutions London

    I don’t think using a free antivirus when you surf the web a lot is a good idea.

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