Can Wearable Devices be Used in a Business?

Wearable technology is coming to roost everywhere, and it might well be coming to the workplace as well. Sure, there might be data boards in centrally located areas that display data that you need to work; the same data might be available on the smartphone in your pocket. But if you’re a stockbroker, dependent on […]

The Ideal Gifts For Visually Impaired which Can Transform Lives

A new Smartphone has been developed by a blind couple who have been able to transform the lives of many with their endeavor. It is an important breakthrough which has changed the lives of people across the globe who are living without sight. It has been developed by  a non-profit social enterprise ScreenReader. This Smartphone […]

Keep Yourself Fit with top 5 Fitness Gadgets

Everybody wants to whip their figure back but, only few can do this. To motivate people concentrate on the healthy life style by maintaining right figure, technology has brought many useful gadgets into market. These fitness gadgets help the people to have control over their health and help them to understand how to keep themselves […]

Difference Between IT and IS

Those unfamiliar with the world of computers and technology often confuse and interchange “information technology” and “information systems”. While there are similarities between the two, these terms refer to very different things in the computing world. If you are looking into a career in either of these fields, or simply want to tell them apart, […]

Holiday Tech Gifts: From the Most Affordable to the Most Lavish

From tots to teens to adults, everyone seems to love tech gadgets, especially during the holiday season. This is when many next-generation gaming consoles, cameras, smart phones, video games, computers and other gadgets are available in shiny new colors and models — not to mention high prices. But as a savvy shopper, you can make […]

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