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The ultimate goal of most sites is to collect e-mails or make sales. What makes an important turning point for Clients measuring with web analytics program. Leads and sales are also the reason why I am a huge supporter of optimization services and products pages.

If a visitor comes from Google directly to a page that is selling what they want, there is a strong likelihood that it will convert into a sale or at least an e-mail. Leads and sales often come from a high cost. Any conversion that costs money potentially going to be harder to get than one that is free.

And at this juncture, not everyone is searching for things to spend money. Some are just looking for information on a particular market. Others may be trying to learn to do for themselves what service you may be offering. And still others may be doing research for the future, with no intention of buying or spending the time.

Serve “Value Added”

Adding value to your site through articles, graphics, videos and any other content that may be useful for those who are starting on niche. you will be in a great way to gain extra traffic.

The problem (if you want to call it) with all this “value added” is that it brings the same people who rarely convert into a lead or a sale.

They are primarily to consume free information. They want answers to their questions, and once they do, they leave your site with nothing to add, except a “bounce rate of 100%” mentioned in the report of analysis .

Converting these visitors?

Rather than see them jump out of your website, you should be trying to convert them in some way. In other words, you are not providing a service of great value to visitors. You have to take  fast, painless and ideally measurable action.

These “actions” could be anything that makes visitors stay connected with your website in some way –  signing up for your newsletter, or follow you on Twitter, “like” your Facebook page, subscribe to your RSS, YouTube channel, etc..

Make sure to put point of conversion in the spotlight, always in sight. For example, at the bottom of each article or a pop-up “call-to-action” such as:

“If you liked this post, share it in Twitter or Facebook.”

“If you want to learn more “About Us” (or product), subscribe to our weekly newsletter.”

Clearly stating the obvious

Another type of conversion is to convince the visitor to at least click to know your service or product pages. For example, if you have a lot of articles “how-to” showing the pros and cons of the services you offer – make sure it is abundantly clear that you are not just there to teach, but also offers the service. ( You’d be surprised how many people do not realize it!)

There will always be some people who do decide that it is a very complicated task and hire their services. Always make sure to make clear and highlighted your services, saying something like:

“Learn how we can help you do ______ today!”

Make conversions not lying!

If you promise to provide updates on the niche, then you have to do this quite often. If you said to visitors to send e-mail when you post new articles and do nothing for 2 months, then you are doomed to failure your business.

It is important to continually give them what you said you would. Nothing undermines your credibility faster than collect your e-mail and for Twitter, then selling out anything and everything without any relevant information.

Pay Attention to low conversion rates

If you are highlighted with small conversions on your site, but are not seeing much action, it could mean that your content is not providing what the visitor was expected. Or worse, it could mean that the content is not good.

This is common if you are creating your content for search engines, and not for people. After all, why people want to be notified when you add content crap? Invest in content to fill a real need.

Small conversions can lead to “Big Ones”

The whole idea is the existence of small conversion points where people sign up to hear you regularly and that’s the way you will always be on top.

Today, with the large volume of information, people have more access to buy the same product from several different trusted sources. Therefore it is clear that a large number of people who buy them to pass a credibility and honesty. And that person has to be You!

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  1. The steps are very nicely explained and a very useful article for me..

  2. All these things are explained in a very necessary and appropriate way, and I like it!

  3. Agreed small conversions helps you reach at big leads, you need to be consistent on your effort.

  4. Absolutely, so often website owner want to rank well but forget what the visitor should do once he arrives on the web site. Optimizing usability is just as important as optimzing ranking…

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