Industrial Internet of Things: The Magic wand for Tomorrow

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about Smart and independent, interconnected and self-managed. The technology continues to grow in complexity and intelligence. The aim is to connect devices to simplify the everyday life of a human. Technology with advance level trends to make a difference for every customer, citizen, and manufacturer. The solution for […]

Innovative Street-Type Surveillance Equipment

There are a lot of types of street-type surveillance today and the fact that anyone can get these at the most affordable price is a testament to the kind of wonderful time we all live in now. Some of the various types of street-level surveillance gear that you can use these days include body-worn cameras, […]

Why You Don’t Need To Upgrade To A 5G Phone

From the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to the MWC (Mobile World Congress), all the industry big hitters and technology giants are talking about 5G. Typical coverage of the subjects involve discussion of the incredible mobile data speeds 5G will provide – speeds which will genuinely rival fiber broadband connections in the home. Then there’s talk […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart Card Technology

You are probably already enjoying the luxuries offered by smart card technology without even realizing it… Have you ever lived in an apartment that used reloadable cards for their laundry room instead of change? Or maybe you have a membership card to your favorite retail store? You can thank smart card technology for that… For […]

Top 5 Best Deal Earbuds for End Year

It is rather obvious that some models are better than the others, and it is only natural that they cost more. However, we present to you the situation where this might not be the case. The holidays are coming and you can find the top models being as inexpensive as some of the inferior models. […]

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Everything you should Know about VR Technology

Do you have courage to walk on the top edge of a 100 story building? Obviously, you can’t do that until you are not a stuntman. Common people even don’t think to do such things because they don’t want to put their precious life in danger. By the way, what about using a gadget that […]

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