13 Tactics to Succeed in Social Networks

You’ve probably ever stopped at a store in front of a product that caught your attention, pulled the phone out of your pocket, and searched other people’s social media reviews to see if it’s worth buying, is not it? With modern technology, the buying experience often goes through several phases before and after the first […]

What we learn from recent Cambridge Analytica breach

Whenever we decide to explore some news channels on our TV channels over spectrum cable or any other media service. We surely bump into a currently most controversially discussed topic “Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal”. Presently this is one of the biggest scoops in journalism realm. There is a lot of random discussion about it, hoax […]

How Businesses Could Bank on Twitter to Accelerate Their Growth

We know the importance of social media platforms. Don’t we? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are reckoned amongst the major social media platforms. But how many of us know about Twitter and its benefits to business? Very Few… To those who are not aware, Twitter is the powerful social media platform for startups, SMBs and […]

What Industries Need To Use Instagram To Build Their Brand?

Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms available right now, partly because of its rising growth trajectory and partly because of its young demographics. The social media site accommodates 600 million+ users and visitors in a month and is a popular promotional tool among brands everywhere since it offers more business engagements and […]

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