Which way will BlackBerry develop?

What are your associations with BlackBerry brand over a couple of last years? Well, PlayBook tablet, BlackBerry 10 OS, rebranding of RIM into BlackBerry and the release of BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. It looks like the company works hard to stay competitive at the market. But if we take a look at the company’s share prices, […]

6 Ideas for Future Smartphones

Do you remember the times when mobile phones were different enough to discuss the peculiarities of their designs and functions? It was before smartphones invaded our life. After that all manufacturers started producing prolonged flat things with huge screens and minimal amount of keys. And today the main purpose of all mobile devices manufacturers is […]

Best reading apps for Android

When Android only appeared at the mobile market (first two years or so), one of the serious disadvantages of this operating system was the absence of decent apps for reading books. But today the situation has changed drastically. There’re so many reading apps in the Play Store that it’s really hard to choose the one […]

Why there’s still no sensor MacBook?

Almost every modern ultrabook nowadays is supplied with a sensor screen: some manufacturers release their own systems for simplifying the process of gesture control while others trust Windows 8 UI. And that’s natural as Metro UI has made gesture control much more comfortable than in the desktop interface. The question is why Apple hasn’t followed such a […]

How to make your Google Chrome work faster

Since the moment of its release Google Chrome has quickly become one of the most popular browsers among users due to its simplicity and easy to understand interface. What is more, a large number of plugins and widgets allow expanding the functions of the browser which will suit more experienced users. Nevertheless, after some use […]

What iOS 6 has copied from Android?

Well, we have been presented iPhone 5 and new iOS 6 has been announced. But it should be mentioned that mostly we were concentrated on hardware. But the operating system is no less important than hardware. After the announcing of the new iOS 6 I had a feeling that I’ve heard all these innovative ideas […]

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