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Most Popular Rumors Surrounding Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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In the past couple of years, Samsung has demonstrated great consistency in the introduction of note phones by every other fall.


For the galaxy note fans, Samsung galaxy note 4’s rumor only comes as good news to embrace and talk about!

The Industry’s Next Competitor?

With the great excitement from the fans, it is only clear that Samsung is aggressively paving its way towards pleasing its clients.  With a close follow up of the predecessors, the next trend in is only expected to have better and upgraded features.

  • To begin with, it is rumored that the next trend in; Samsung galaxy note 4 will be wide in appearance. Usually the note phones are quite large. This only means that it is only going to attract a significantly small percentage of consumers. This actually will not be any good news to consumers of the galaxy S4 phones. It is more or less considered as bulky due to its size.  It is expected to hold an extra large display of approximately  5.3 inches, dimensions of up to 5.92” by  3.11”*by 0.30” (147 by 83by 9.7 mm). Notice that this phone will call for extra care in handling. It is said that it will prove impossible to operate the phone with one hand, which means that it will have to be operated on with both hands.
  • With the high series of developments noted from the predecessors, the next in trend is expected to come along with a high upgrade of its features, including a highly upped storage and a wide connectivity.
  • The Smartphone’s body is expected to be strongly built with very high upping. It is expected to come with an improved gripping service. This will actually bare a completely stitched faux back panel.
  • It is expected to be a massive and exclusive multi tasking gadget.  The stylus pen is expected to be highly refined, for the common purpose of high productivity. With this gadget, the consumer will have an open venue to work with two applications at the same time. Likewise, it will be possible to open one application in two windows at the same time. Notice that drug and drop format for particular content within the multi window will be instant.
  • Air command menu is expected to be quite easy to use. This will really stand out in the stylus and actually make the handwriting more recognizable.
  • What’s more, the Samsung galaxy note 4 is said to come with a very high quality camera!
  • The Smartphone on the other side is said to have a gorgeous display with amazing color range, which will be fully dependent on your liking.
  • Samsung Galaxy note 4 is also expected to come with a comprehensively top class battery.

Arguably, Samsung galaxy note 4 is one of the most awaited Smartphones by the Samsung galaxy note fans.

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