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5 Marketing Truths About SEO Content Writing

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Behind every blog and business website lays the creative mind of a SEO content writer. Writers in the profession have to effectively reach a variety of audiences on blog sites and social media platforms. It’s much more than the early days of link farming—good content SEO writing is inventive, informative and beneficial.


SEO content writers have to develop quality content that will attract readers and build relationships with blog webmasters. It’s a symbiotic relationship between the marketer and his audience. Although a SEO content writer’s ultimate goal may be to promote a product or service throughout the Internet, it first means adopting the combined roles of wordsmith, psychologist and friend. It’s truly a marketing art form that depends on these five writing truths:

‘Bait the Hook’ in 10 Seconds

Tick tock goes the clock. When it comes to baiting the target audience, it’s a game against time. SEO content writers have around 10 seconds to grab their readers’ attention— so context is everything. This makes it crucial to seek quality websites that provide regular posts and have a defined target audience. Find out who this audience is and analyze their needs and wants. Scope out the previous blog posting and get a proper lay of the land. Before any writing begins, develop relevant topics that the audience would be interested in.  Keep in mind that your topic should essentially improve your audience’s lives (whether long-term or short-term).

First, Sell Yourself Before the Consumer

If you speak to any good salesperson, you’ll quickly realize that they know all about their products in full detail. They have the ability to make you see the products through their own eyes— their picture becomes your picture. So in content writing, learn all you can about your topic; focus on the aspects that make it marketable and sell it (mentally) to yourself. What would personally interest you about the subject? That’s what your readers will want to see.

A New Spin Transforms Everything

It’s impossible to have a completely original idea. Think about it: hasn’t everything about anything already been said before? So the second best thing is to provide quality content that has a whole new spin to it. Find an approach that won’t make readers want to yawn. What eye-opening or amusing? This is the chance to let your creativity roam free; so try to have fun during the writing process. Once you have several ideas into play, narrow it down to the one that will cater to the most people.

Emotional Connections Will Seal the Deal

SEO content writing also consists of developing new internal content for their business’s blog site. When looking to connect with the target audience, remember this: everyone loves an air of nostalgia. We all long to re-live parts of our past— reminiscing of our childhoods, holidays long-past and other special occasions; it’s just a part of human nature.

Nostalgia presents a very powerful marketing strategy that creates a sentimental bond with a product. The right message recalls particular people, objects and events that are held dear. An emotional appeal makes a product or service less foreign and becomes something that can be positively identified with on a personal-level. The key for SEO content writers is to find the right message that will appeal to the targeted demographic.

Statistics are a Marketers Best Friend

There are countless retailer sites that customers visit to get informative product or service information. If anything holds true is that statistics (from credible third-party sources) will add depth to product/service claims. SEO content writers should use statistics to highlight why a product/service is important. In-effect, it will increase a product’s selling potential.

Statistics also serve a secondary marketing purpose: they help eliminate consumer skepticism. After all, when in doubt, people turn to the facts. Quite simply, statistics support the necessity of a product through unbiased lenses. Find the right information to boost a sales pitch…and statistics will quickly become the perfect marketing tool.

SEO content writing is a never-ending journey to find the right balance between implementing marketing strategies and relating to the target audience. While trial and error will always come into play, these five marketing truths will help any SEO content writer succeed in the business.

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