Samsung Galaxy S5 vs S4- What’s New?

Samsung galaxy S4 is barely a month old since its launching. This only means that the Smartphone is still on distribution.On the other hand, Samsung galaxy S5 is the next trend in for the S phones, expected to be launched in the year 2014. Are there any unique variations between the two? With the past […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 with True Octa Core Processor

For a long time now, actually from early 2013, Samsung has all along been known to be working on ‘true octa core processor’. It’s most likely now that the company is done with the development of this top processor and is now ready to introduce it to the world. But what gadget is best placed […]

Most Popular Rumors Surrounding Samsung Galaxy Note 4

In the past couple of years, Samsung has demonstrated great consistency in the introduction of note phones by every other fall. For the galaxy note fans, Samsung galaxy note 4’s rumor only comes as good news to embrace and talk about! The Industry’s Next Competitor? With the great excitement from the fans, it is only […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 – A Better Example of Innovation

When it comes to mobile technology, there is always something new coming in the market. Samsung is indeed a force to reckon with in the market. It has never at any one time failed its customers. They always make sure they bring to the market the best of the best. The New Galaxy S6 – […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 – All the rumors in Nutshell

Many top sources have been lately discussing the possible release date of the Samsung Galaxy S5. According to them, the smart phone release is all set to be announced in early 2014. Additionally, the gadget is also said to be the better and improved version of the Samsung Galaxy S4. This means that the new […]

Galaxy Note 4 – Review, Pros & Cons (Expected)

Samsung galaxy note is the name that has been used to refer to the Samsung series of tablet computers as well as android smartphone-phablets. The devices use stylus technology as well as large screens that are pressure sensitive. Currently, Samsung is working on one of the most anticipated smartphones. This is with no doubt the […]

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