The breathtaking new Asus Memo Pad 8 ME181CX tablet

The Asus Memo Pad 8 ME181CX tablet has been creating quite a flutter in the market and is expected to be a big global hit in line with Asus pioneering product philosophies and design principles. The Memo Pad HD 7 was an impressive offering from the house of this noted electronics giant. The Memo Pad […]

Google Nexus 9: First Tablet to Run on Android L

It is been a long journey for Google since launch of first nexus device. By now, everyone knows what Nexus stands for. It is basically about using latest android version and Google’s vision in future mobile technology. And for now, HTC and Google have paired up to build all new Nexus 9. Here’s in depth […]

Most Popular Rumors Surrounding Samsung Galaxy Note 4

In the past couple of years, Samsung has demonstrated great consistency in the introduction of note phones by every other fall. For the galaxy note fans, Samsung galaxy note 4’s rumor only comes as good news to embrace and talk about! The Industry’s Next Competitor? With the great excitement from the fans, it is only […]

Galaxy Note 4 – Review, Pros & Cons (Expected)

Samsung galaxy note is the name that has been used to refer to the Samsung series of tablet computers as well as android smartphone-phablets. The devices use stylus technology as well as large screens that are pressure sensitive. Currently, Samsung is working on one of the most anticipated smartphones. This is with no doubt the […]

The Right Tablet For Me

Tablets have been the recent buzz for the average net-surfing individual, whether a Kindle, iPad or one of the many other brands. So much so, that people have even been saying that a tablet is likely to be a better option than a laptop. And it’s true that there are certainly bonuses to a tablet […]

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