Samsung Galaxy S6 – A Better Example of Innovation

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When it comes to mobile technology, there is always something new coming in the market. Samsung is indeed a force to reckon with in the market. It has never at any one time failed its customers.


They always make sure they bring to the market the best of the best.

The New Galaxy S6 – Overview

Since Samsung came up with the S series, it has literary topped in the market! The previous galaxies were a big success in the market; hence Samsung’s prowess wasn’t a surprise with its S trend. This time however, Samsung is out to rock the market with a new S product once again.

Many people are now using products from Samsung due to the fact that they never let their customers down, and their products are always ahead of their rivals. They have a way of designing their latest products, a way that always leaves their users and fans smiling with admiration. This time around, some good news is travelling around the world about the new Samsung Galaxy S6.

People are very excited about this new Galaxy S6 and can’t wait for it to be released. As such, the question of the launching date is inevitable. This is something that many have debated on endlessly. When will the Galaxy S6 be launched?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Launching Date

There are possibilities that the new Samsung galaxy S6 will be launched in 2014. This is following the release of the Galaxy S5, which is most probably to be in the market around January 2014. Competition is just too high and Samsung knows this too well. If S5 will be launched in January 2014, Galaxy S6 might just be in the market come August the same year. This is as a result of the pressure to come up with better, up to date products that can compete effectively with their rivals.

Contradicting Rumors

Other sources have it that the new gadget will be released in 2015, during summer. So, which is which? Will it be possible for the two galaxies to be released in the same year? And what really drives Samsung to launch the two gadgets at the same time? Will it be a good market strategy? Well, we can only leave that to Samsung.

Other manufacturers are set to be launching their new gadgets come 2014. Hence, if Samsung launches S5 in the same year, there will be stiff competition from the other companies. This is where the Galaxy S6 comes in! Samsung will need S6 to support the schlep in their sales come 2014. But still, we can’t ignore the fact that Samsung galaxy S5 is awesome in its own way.

To conclude it all

It’s quite understandable and likely that Samsung Galaxy S6 has a long way to go. Hence, it should be expected to enter the markets not sooner than 2015.

All said and done, Samsung hasn’t yet confirmed the dates of the launch. We can only wait patiently until Samsung releases the new Samsung Galaxy S6!

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  1. i hope Samsung S6 will have some new design prototype and some cool innovation. the mobile technology is growing very fast. if Galaxy S6 will release in 2015, most probably come with 5G connectivity

  2. Amazing specs purported here. Samsung Galaxy S6 will rock surely.

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