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Galaxy Note 4 – Review, Pros & Cons (Expected)

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Samsung galaxy note is the name that has been used to refer to the Samsung series of tablet computers as well as android smartphone-phablets. The devices use stylus technology as well as large screens that are pressure sensitive. Currently, Samsung is working on one of the most anticipated smartphones. This is with no doubt the Galaxy note 4.


The device is expected to be announced somewhere around march while public release will be expected somewhere around April. Here are some of the pros and cons that the new Galaxy note 4 is expected to have.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to come with most some of the intrinsic features. One of the most mind blowing specs is with no doubt the camera feature. The new device is expected to include a 13 mp camera. This will see to it that low light conditions are catered for. In addition, the anti shake feature will seek to provide top quality photos.  The anti shake feature will correct angular inaccuracies of up to 1.5 degree unlike most digital cameras that fix errors of up to 0.7 degrees. If you are in love with photography, then this is one of the devices that you do not want to miss next year.
  • The Galaxy Note 4 is also expected to be the first smartphone from the Samsung Company that will have a 64 bit feature. This will see to it that performance is greatly improved.
  • Considering the fact that Samsung Galaxy note 3 has no fingerprint technology, this new one is anticipated to incorporate fingerprint sensors. This security enhancement will see to it that hackers are not able to operate the stolen device.
  • It is also expected that an enhanced multi window feature will enable users to carry out several tasks on the same window with no single screen transitions.

However, even with the listed pros, the device is also expected to have some cons that include:

  • High prices- given the many added features that the device is expected to come with, it is also expected that one will part with quite some bucks to get it.
  • Secondly, the device will not be pocket-able. In addition, the size may be too big hence pulling it out will not always be easy.
  • Also worth noting is the fact that when you connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the desktop, it will be impossible to get an iTunes experience as it is the case with other android devices.
  • In conclusion, it will not be possible to operate Galaxy Note 4 with one hand.

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  1. I am excited with its anti shake feature since I am into photography a lot. But I guess this would surely cost quite a lot.

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