How To Protect Images Online

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There are many tricks designed to prevent copying of  images from website, but none is sufficient to prevent someone from copying them. Protected by more than one image may seem, there is always a security question mark!

Most can prevent copying using disabling right-hand mouse, but does not prevent a printscreen also, the user can disable the script,or can use some software to capture the image. An online image, never be protected from copying. Secure Image is image in off-line!

But do not be discouraged, there are some little tricks that you can use to strengthen a little to “protect image”. This will not prevent someone from copying, but at least you need not be “scratching their heads” with codes!

  • Put a sign in the picture, a strategic place.
  • Put a watermark semi-transparent in the side or center of the image.
  • If you sell images, use a sample image (with watermark) very small, so that it serves only to sample template for your client. In the case of someone trying to copy and enlarge it, will stay with very poor quality.
  • If you take pictures to make albums for weddings, photographing shows, etc.. Use the system of advance payment, so when you put the photos on site to the customer chooses, if by chance they resolved to download the photos, you lose nothing, remains in profit!
  • If you have nice pictures and exclusive, avoid putting them on the site in large format, even if they have a watermark. Small images, and with a watermark can not be utilized in case someone copy work.

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The safety and security of an online image does not depend on any security technology, but rather the clever way as to protect you.

7 thoughts on “How To Protect Images Online

  1. This is the main problem for original writers. They are not able to protect their images. Hope this post will help them to protect their images.. For wordpress, we can use watermark reloaded plugin to add watermark. Thanks for this post. Useful for everyone.

    1. thanks Pankaj for telling about that WP plug-in….

    2. Thanks for informing about the Watermark plugin

  2. truly said that many bloggers have problems with protecting images…these tips are basic steps in preventing images from being copied..Nice Post…:)

  3. Watermark plugin of WordPress may help a bit to original writers!!
    Rest Google Images zindabad for image stealers:)
    surt it & own the image!

  4. Watermarking is the best way, i think. It can completely protect your image from being stolen !

  5. I too agree with that Rajeel, watermarking is the best way! But sometimes that too can be removed using photoshop! 🙁

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