Increasing Exposure to Your Blog

Boosting your blog exposure is important for finding new customers and providing you with more advertising dollars. While it helps to often add new content to your blog, no one will be reading it if you aren’t properly marketing your blog. How can you increase exposure to your blog? Use the following five tips to […]

Maintaining a Solid Online Presence

If you are looking ways to improve your online presence, it is important to view your website and find ways to improve it. If your website is missing some critical elements, it can easily hurt your online ranking. Use these tips to improve your website ranking, and keep your target audience happy with effective content. […]

Outdated SEO Tactics

Creating a website that can be recognized by search engines is important to building traffic and finding new customers. Correctly optimizing your website for search engines will help it gain visibility. However, many sites use outdated SEO tactics that dramatically damage the credibility of their product. What can you do to ensure your website is […]

Difference Between IT and IS

Those unfamiliar with the world of computers and technology often confuse and interchange “information technology” and “information systems”. While there are similarities between the two, these terms refer to very different things in the computing world. If you are looking into a career in either of these fields, or simply want to tell them apart, […]

Holiday Tech Gifts: From the Most Affordable to the Most Lavish

From tots to teens to adults, everyone seems to love tech gadgets, especially during the holiday season. This is when many next-generation gaming consoles, cameras, smart phones, video games, computers and other gadgets are available in shiny new colors and models — not to mention high prices. But as a savvy shopper, you can make […]

5 Reasons Why World Computer Literacy is Critical

Literacy has always been important for success in school, work, and life in general, and unless our society undergoes a drastic change it will always be important. However, literacy in the 21st century isn’t just about being able to read and write fluently. As essential as that is, many have argued that computer literacy is […]

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