Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) Technology

VoLTE actually stands for voice over LTE and it’s pretty much precisely what it says as per the label. Its voice brings over a 4G LTE system, as opposed to the 2G or 3G networks which are typically used, these days. We tend to consider 4G for explicit activities like downloading, gushing and web scanning, […]

sony bsp10 bluetooth speakers

Sony Portable Bluetooth BSP 10 Speaker – Review

When it comes to enjoyment, music plays a very important role. For some, it works as a mood booster and also a stress buster for many. If you are among those who love to enjoy a high quality audio file at your media devices, then you will definitely be interested to enhance that with a […]

7 ways how Wearable will transform our Mobile experience

The wearable is considered as the next big technology frontier. If you talk about wearable, most people think only of smartwatches with fitness trackers. Other people can think of any fashionable accessory also. There is no doubt that fitness trackers are the most popular these days, but there is much more than this. There are […]

Top Upcoming Gadgets in 2015

The year 2015 has kicked off with a bang as far as smartphone and other gadgets are considered. With every manufacturer putting its best foot forward, the competition will only rise. Along with smartphones, smart watches have also joined in this never ending quest to reach the top. All in All, this year will witness […]

Advancements of the Mobile-Gaming Industry

The mobile gaming industry came from humble beginnings, and over the past decade or so, has made significant strides to become the go-to source of entertainment for so many mobile users. Let’s take a closer look at the history of mobile gaming, where it currently stands and how the industry will continue to advance. The […]

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