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Why Businesses must Exercise Caution in Search Engine Optimization Efforts

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Google has announced it would be punishing websites that abuse search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to propel their site to the top of search results. A key stage in this process occurred back in February when Google released its Panda 1.0 algorithm, with an update following in April, which resulted in some websites falling down the pecking order of search results. As explained by Google engineer, Matt Cutts, this change was undertaken to ensure that internet users find quality content in their search results rather than websites that simply pack in as many keywords and links as possible.

SEO consultancy has become a dense marketplace on the net and Google is determined to rein in the cowboys. A search for a Digital Marketing Agency UK for instance, reveals available services from a number of reputable international companies providing marketing services. This would suggest that the UK industry has the potential to be a leader in terms of the mentality required to meet and exceed Google’s new standards.

The fundamental key to good SEO, and one that often gets lazily overlooked, is to develop a quality keyword list that is relevant to your website and its content. Once you understand the keywords that work in SEO, you can begin to carefully craft content that effectively utilise these rather crudely forcing them in. Like with all good marketing, research is required to effectively realise your ideas and achieve your goals.

Internet searches are carried out by consumers, therefore, you must find out what terms they are entering on search engines. With a substantial marketing research budget this could be achieved by conducting an online questionnaire, but there are alternatives to fit lower budgets. Firstly, you can attempt to understand consumers by pretending to be one and conducting a search, or perhaps asking colleagues and past customers to do so as well. Secondly, take some time to think about your industry and the most commonly used terms that will help to build your keyword list. To clarify the most used trying running an evaluation of competitor websites on online SEO analysis websites (Google Keyword Tool is useful for this). Check the spelling of the industry terms that your website uses and make sure that they correlate with what are the most commonly used.

Successful SEO consultancy is beginning more and more difficult to achieve on the internet today. To stay in front of the competition small and large businesses alike need to do conduct a fundamental marketing activity: research. Solid research will populate your keyword list with terms that are actually relevant to your website. Once these are identified and incorporated into your content you will stand a chance in the new world of Google.

A vast number of websites are dependent on Google traffic for visitors and it is imperative that content writers find a way to produce high quality content that does not suffer from a proliferation of keywords designed to improve SEO. If you understand what consumers are searching for, you can reach them.

3 thoughts on “Why Businesses must Exercise Caution in Search Engine Optimization Efforts

  1. I do agree – SEO is already a hard enough market to succeed in. Especially with the Major Search Engine (Google) Updating their algorithms on a regular base – this makes for a lot of changes to strategies and harder to rate by using “questionable” methods – which a lot of SEO companies was doing. Without an Honest and Properly researched and planned SEO and Marketing strategy your Business is sure to suffer when trying to rate in the SERP’s.

  2. Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting a website to the higher rankings in the organic or free side of the search engines.Due to google Updating their algorithms on a regular base SEO going more difficuilt.Thanks for share this informative post with us.

  3. Hi Jag,
    Google tries to stop honest SEO work so companies instead will use Google Sponser links instead. It has always been a match between Google and SEO companies. I think the honest and long SEO work pays off in the serpentine.

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