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Why Is HTC Working on Windows RT Tablets?

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The main reason why HTC developers have changed their gears and started investing in RT Tablets is to overtake APPLE in the later part of 2013. Apple remained monopolist in RT tablets technology once and grabbed huge market share by creating effective positioning in the business target market, but now HTC, which is famous for producing high quality smartphones, is also entering into this field. The company is currently working on two models i.e. one with 7-inches and one with 12-inches display and the main additional feature is its calling and texting ability, which transforms the tablets industry by and large.


Another chief reason why HTC have gone towards RT Tablets instead of creating WINDOWS 8 devices is the cost factor. Previously, Windows 8 devices were estimated to be of $1000, keeping the profit margin, and overhead costs intact. This is the major reason, which is why the think-tank of HTC has unanimously decided to go in the favor of RT Tablets technology.

RT tablets are far more superior in operation as compared to the Windows 8 devices. Windows phone comes with the traditional complex interfaces and the additional cost, which is required to be incurred for the development, make it a risky investment, which certainly no one wants to prefer.

Another major reason, which is why HTC has stepped up and started looking towards the option of Tablets is that they have already acquired the technology of QUALCOM processor for their few models including the latest DESIRE series, HTC AMAZE, Rhyme and few other models. Initially HTC has decided to go for the Intel processors but this step was quite critical in deciding because HTC wants to cater middle and above-middle categories, whereas Intel processors could have gone very expensive so finally it is decided that HTC will go with QUALCOM technology.

HTC has entered into this stream of RT Tablets to create a different sort of positioning. HTC today is renowned for its smart phone market. It has a significant share in the smartphone market despite of the emergence of Samsung as a big gun. By entering into this new dimension, Microsoft will be aided by a product in its artillery, that will be directly in competition with Apple’s Mini iPad, NEXUS 7 and the kindle FIRE of Amazon. Users will get the benefit in the form of price shared, as the ever-growing competition will compel the market forces to lower the prices in the future. Moreover, under the banner of HTC, RT Tablets will flourish, as MICROSOFT is in severe need to have a series or at least a model. The need of such model is to compete with these available options directly, as Amazon’s Kindle Fire operates in a lower monetary class and NEXUS 7 deals with the middle category whereas Apple’s iPad Mini is directly dealing with the price creaming approach by providing best quality at higher price.

Initially RT Technology did not get the success in the market and obviously, when it didn’t get the success, it definitely means that this technology was not been able to attract the consumers especially the business class towards it. Now Microsoft has doubled their efforts to re-establish RT Technology and for this purpose, the experts have invited variety of manufacturers having HTC on the top due to their skill and fame. This will eventually also mean that they will lighten up few certification policies and concessions, which surely has attracted HTC towards this initiative.

HTC predicts that RT technology has matured enough to go in the direct competition with Android devices and IOS, and it will be able to grab significant market share soon.

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