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Truths And Lies About SEO

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Many people while researching a topic on the net worth, access only the first results and do not bother to compare content or lose a little more time analyzing and deepening in the matter.

When someone speaks or writes about something, we need a criterion for evaluation of that person. What is his history, his story on the issue, if presentation is based on proven studies or research, or if he is simply repeating something you saw out there, thought it was the same, period. Sometimes adding other points after the point. In fact, we can divide into two groups of people who have this type of behavior, to repeat something as true without even knowing if that is that even if it is not what or where is the kilogram, gram or ton.

Let’s talk of search engine optimization or application of SEO techniques.

Every business needs a website to have a greater visibility and can also use it as a mechanism for sales. This is no longer an option, it is an almost mandatory. When we talk about the company can take this also to individuals, who want to keep websites and blogs and have some kind of revenue from it. Finally, optimization is a set of strategies applied to a website or blog that has a good positioning in natural search results of search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Has been increasing the number of ad agencies that work with optimization. Many are serious and committed. Some are not. Some border on the absurd. The latter are based on magic tutorials, Both of tips that are passed are like urban legends, and outdated beliefs.

Designing a website is not easy work. Not cheap. And, being a financially valued service, eventually catching the attention of experts to find and exploit opportunities and there was a constant increase of supposed professionals looking for a place in the sun.

It has been said that, but always worth repeating:

  • Can not offer guarantee of placement in the first positions of the natural search engines.
  • Many so-called professionals use unfair techniques (Black hat) to reach a particular position in a short time. This can lead to punishment for the site until its withdrawal from the search engines.
  • Some companies show results with irrelevant keywords, or visits that will not bring quality – or in some case, bring no visits. A simple example would be to type the full name of your company in the search.
  • If you want to reach a level in the rankings and keep it, the work must be continuous.
  • To have your business successful on the net is not enough to structure the site, SEO techniques are not enough. You need a complete design of a wider breadth of marketing strategies, and of course an effective site.
  • There are no miracles.
  • SEO techniques are not sure.
  • There are no magic scripts.
  • No professional SEO lit, chosen by the god to promote Google sites on the net. The lighting there is one artificial lamps, accompanying many, many hours of work, commitment and dedication.

5 thoughts on “Truths And Lies About SEO

  1. Their is not any magical tip that will put you on the top of search engine . SEO is not a easy task and no one can guarantee about the top ten SERP

  2. I agree. There’s no such thing as magic trick in SEO. It’s pure hardwork, determination, and continuous research. SEO is a very complicated field you can’t call anyone an expert on it.

  3. If there is magic trick with SEO everybody is on the top now. I guess hardwork is really the best option that we have to be on the top.

  4. Yes, SEO techniques are never sure. There are a lot of factors to consider and it all differ in each industry. A specific SEO strategy should always be designed for each company or website.

  5. Patience seems to be the key with SEO as well as other aspects of life. Now if I can teach this virtue to my kid then he may get a head start in life! Unfortunately for those in the USA, immediate gratification seems to be desired.

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