Points to Remember Before Getting into Professional Blogging

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“Blogging, a spanking new method to earn more and more money” this is what I think? And if you are also thinking the same then you are in the right direction… buddy. These days, blogging is the most innovative and interesting way to express your thoughts and also to make money online. Any user can start a blog according to his/her interest that can be technology, travel, fashion, shopping, fiction, personal & poetry, photo and video blog.


According to me the best part about blogging is that it does not require any age certificate and technical degree. I have seen many bloggers aging less than 16 and many of even 60 crossed. In-fact I had a meet with such bloggers last week in an event organized by Indiblogger.in.

Like any other profession, to make money from blog is not that much tough but required lots of care, research and attention. Things which are required to be a successful blogger are:-

  •  Always do check about formatting before publishing blog post.
  • Always use Bold, Italic, Underline and Strike through as per need because it reduces confusions and make the content more readable.
  • Attend blogger meets if possible.
  • Avoid putting external links in first two or three paragraphs.
  • Avoid too many links in the article.
  • Avoid useless add-ons and flash.
  • Be a nonstop learner and be careful about your site content.
  • Be active on social profiles Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin.
  • Be good in public relations. If you are not gonna help and listen others, no one would take interest in you or not even in your blog.
  • Be selective with the guest articles.
  • Communicate with bloggers more frequently.
  • Do proper researches about the topic you want to write.
  • Don’t forget to mention thanks to your blog readers via comment.
  • Don’t go for quantity, at the end quality matters.
  • Follow up the trend.
  • For good public relations, don’t forget to comment on others blog.
  • Join Blogging communities.
  • Make all important On-page SEO changes in your blog.
  • Make your blog simple, easy to navigate and user friendly.
  • Must check the preview of blog post before making it live on blog.
  • Participate in niche forums and communities.
  • Read more about SEO and SMO.
  • Say “a big NO” to duplicate and thin content.
  • Say bye-bye to keyword stuffing.
  • Stick on your blog niche (Don’t make your blog messy if you have niche specified blog)
  • Update your blog more frequently.
  • Use self clicked or created images. Never use Images taken from any other web resources.
  • Use simple font with a normal size for better user experience.
  • Write eye-catchy titles for you blog post.
  • Create your blog brand pages on social sites like on Facebook & Google Plus. On Twitter create a new individual profile with your “Blog name”. You can also create your blog group on Linkedin.

All the above discussed points play a vital role in a blogger’s life. By following such points a blogging beginner can create his intense future in blogging career.

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  1. First of all am confused who is the actual writer of this post tanya or yogita,

    Now thanks for the informative post, but have query on 2 points.
    How to find out blog meeting in my place i never find any,

    Second avoid too many links – i was linking atleast 5 links is it ok or should i make it less.

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