5 Facebook Apps for Ecommerce Traders

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It is a fact that these days, advertisement via social media sites has gained a lot of popularity. The major reason behind this success rate is that nowadays a large number of people prefer to use different social media sites for promoting any product or service with ease, and for this, they develop strategies. However, it is also true that developing an effective and efficient social media strategy is not a piece of cake because of the steps involved in this process.


Do you have any idea what these steps can be, which a professional social media strategist should consider while developing a strategy? If no, then the list is as follows:

Step # 1

First of all, he will define the goals of the process based on the objectives, he wants to achieve.

Step # 2

After this, he will conduct a detailed research in order to identify the right target audience for promoting his product or service appropriately.

Step # 3

Once the identification will be done, then he will select the social media sites, which will suit his product or services to be promoted on according to his defined goals.

Step # 4

Last but not the least, he will analyze the social media strategy in order to improve it so that he can promote his product or service successfully by strengthening his relationship with prospects.

However, you will be amazed to know that many people avoid developing social media strategies just to keep them save from experiencing this long and tactful procedure. Do you think the same? If yes, then now you should not worry, as now you can use distinct tools in order to formulate and implement strategy with ease. A few of such tools, which social media strategists, should consider, are as follows:

Crowdbooster and Pagelever

The functions of both of these tools are different from each other but somehow they are interrelated to each other. Crowdbooster is basically a tool, which is available for managing activities on social media sites whereas Pagelever is the tool with which the strategists can make analysis of social media sites.

The best thing, which makes Crowdbooster a unique tool, is its ability to post automatically. Moreover, it also facilitates the users with provision of updated stats about re-tweeting and content sharing. However, when we talk about Pagelever, this tool is more focused towards representing brand’s performance in form of charts and graphs in order to make the analysis for strategy developing process.


Every social media expert needs to understand that to get better results, every social media activity should be conducted on appropriate time. To achieve this target, Buffer is the best tool available these days, as with the help of this tool, the user can schedule his activities on Facebook as well as on Twitter. The best part is that use of this tool is quite simple. Installing a bookmarklet in your computer will allow you to access this tool with ease.

Google Alerts

Knowing the online repute of the brand is one of the essential things to focus, as based on this information, one can modify one’s social media strategy to achieve the desired results. The best part is that the user can get this report on daily as well as weekly basis based on his convenience. If you are running an online eCommerce store or an educational institute then its best for you to get notified on every new registration on your site.


For planning a social media strategy, Evernote tool can be used, as by using this tool, the social media strategist can plan the activities easily. Now you must be thinking how. It is quite simple. Just brainstorm your ideas and record them. In this way, it will become easy for you to sequence your plans. Moreover, you will be able to sync your device having Evernote with any of the other devices in order to access your data with ease anytime you want.

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