Top Five Social Networks for Travelers and Travel Bloggers

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Travel communities are a great place to hangout, not only for those who love to travel around, but also for travel bloggers, because they can get a lot of ideas and inspiration to write on, not to forget that you get to make new friends and connections that might be helpful in both traveling and blogging. For that reason, we’ve compiled this list of the best travel communities which are thriving at the moment.

If you are an avid traveler or a blogger writing on topics related to traveling, you must consider getting signed up at some of these.

Travelers Point:

Travelers point has everything from blogs to forums, and travel guides to an entire section dedicated to photographs. If you are looking to travel or have a vacation, you can use this community to plan your trip, make all sorts of reservations and bookings, and then share your experiences and stories with the fellow members. Even if you are not traveling, you will get plenty of stuff to keep your enthusiasm intact, for example discussions, reviews, blog posts, and lots of breathtaking photos captured by other members, the site has more than 175,000 stories and 1.4 million photos shared by its members.

Trip Advisor:

Easily the most happening traveling community on web, Trip Advisor offers suggestions and ratings for hotels, restaurants, flights, and vacation rentals in hundreds of cities. Doesn’t matter in which part of the world you are, this site will provide you with a list of places like hotels and restaurants along with reviews and ratings submitted by the users, to help you decide the right place. You can use it for not only the remote places, but even if you are looking for a bar or restaurant in your own city to hang-out with your friends or an occasion like birthday party or stag weekend.

Trip Atini:

They call themselves the world’s smartest travel social network, and while I don’t have a yardstick to measure the smartness, there seems to be quite a lot at their website for travel lovers. The site is not as colorful or enticing as far as the layout is concerned, however, the content is enough to catch the attention of its target users. You will find groups, blog posts, traveling tips, book recommendations, pictures, and a lot more. Then there’s the “shop” section where you can buy all sorts of travel gear, reserve your flights, or book your stay in hotels all around the world.

Couch Surfing:

When I first heard of this network, I thought it is some kind of a spoof (thanks to the term “couch potato”); however it turned out to be an exciting community of likeminded people and real travelers. Becoming a member of this community means, you will get a chance to host the members from all around the world, stay with the locals when you are traveling to their places, get some great traveling tips and advice from experts, or join some expeditions or adventure trip.


Another place where you can get plenty of ideas and travel advice, they have got travel boards, blogs, groups, and apps for your Smartphone or iPad. You can sign up using your Facebook account and be a part of this wonderful community. Some breathtaking photographs of places, and comments made by people who have been to that place will make it easy for you to plan your next trip or stag do in next to no time.

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