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Blackberry phones have touched the market in the start of the 2000 decade. Before that, the company Research in Motion was making pagers, home computers, Atari games and so on. When the era of smart phones came, the company started to make the Blackberry phones. They have been in the market long enough to make a foot hold in the competitive market among other companies that have been making the same smart gadgets with different features.

Research in Motion (RIM), is not known by many people as the founder company behind Blackberry. People also do not know of the many facts about the company and its gadgets in the market since the 1990’s. Those, who have been living since 30 years or so and know a lot about the company, know all the facts. Let me highlight some facts on such a company in the market.

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Fun facts about the company RIM

  • First, the company was known for the making of pagers.
  • Such pagers communicated with a 2-way process
  • They had WAP and 3G services for texts sending and receiving
  • The name blackberry was given to the RIM phones because the first phone made in this series had the keypad like the seeds of a fruit.
  • Many fruits were idealized for small seed size and at the end blackberry was chosen because the color of all the gadgets was black.
  • In 2010, for the first time ever, blackberry lost the smart phone market to iPhone. Else, it was on top of the list since the inception of the smart phone concept in the market.
  • The company is announcing its first smart tablet this year later.
  • The company announced its first Blackberry phone with smart feature sin 1998 when there was no concept of smart phones
  • The company is said to have included a text editor far better than the text editors the smart phones have nowadays, at the time when the first Blackberry was introduced.
  • The first pager was monochrome with no in built HTML support. Add-ons would have to be added for HTML and Java script support.
  • The series of blackberry phones contain more than 10 different devices marketed since inception and have sold out 40 million plus units up until now.
  • When the internet service of the Blackberry is sued, it allows the features to use 1/3 of the battery time as compared to other smart devices competing with Blackberry in the market.
  • Blackberry internet services cover almost 100 countries with the service providers in such countries accumulating to 500 plus.
  • The thumb injury by using Blackberry phones is universally known as the Blackberry injury and is a part of medical science research now.

For some more unknown facts about the company RIM and its gadgets, you can log on to the different online blogs and forums that support this company. You can also read the user reviews on the company to know more.

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