How Businesses Could Bank on Twitter to Accelerate Their Growth

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We know the importance of social media platforms. Don’t we? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are reckoned amongst the major social media platforms. But how many of us know about Twitter and its benefits to business? Very Few… To those who are not aware, Twitter is the powerful social media platform for startups, SMBs and enterprises.

With over 378 millions of users connected with Twitter, the opportunity is as huge as your readiness to get in there and associate with new people.

Here are 8 marketing tactics you can use to grow your business through Twitter.

1. Bid Goodbye To Short Tweets:

Yes, you’ve heard it right! Twitter has extended the character limit to 280. Tweeting with 140 characters was a brainstorming task. What words to skim and what not became the everyday challenge. But now it seems that posting on Twitter appears to be a piece of a cake and you would be able to brief your purpose easily.

Anticipating from the business perspective, you can make use of this expanded space to create interesting snippets and tweet with more relevant hashtags which earlier you could not. This will certainly help you to scream a bit louder about your company and increase the number of followers.

2. Say Hello To Advanced Search:

Building a strong user base is immensely important to run your business successfully. With millions of tweets coming over daily, Twitter provides a huge amount of influential content. And, thus, it becomes difficult to filter out the specific content for your business.

To overcome this pain, Twitter introduced an outstanding feature known as Advanced Search. This new feature offers you a wide filtering option wherein you can add the keywords and hashtags to target the users. For local businesses, this is an ultimate feature to entice local audience and skyrocket the conversion rate.

3. Ask Your Users To Review On Twitter:

Twitter being a popular conversational social media platform is now shaping as Twitter for business with various activities. It has been noticed that users prefer Twitter to post company reviews. There is no one big reason. In fact, there are a couple of reasons.

The first reason is obviously, users are more influenced by influencers on Twitter to make their purchasing decision. The second reason you may not be aware of. From the second quarter of 2015, Google has a direct access to Twitter Firehose that serves real-time tweets as a part of Google search results. Not only for SMBs, it is beneficial for enterprises as well. Hence, reviews on Twitter would not only increase company’s sales and user engagement rate but will also help in boosting online reputation.

4. Acknowledge Your Users On Twitter:

When you ask your users to do some kind of activity like tweet a review or share a post that adds value to your business, don’t you think that they should be acknowledged in return? To your notice, such activities grab more eyeballs when companies show a sense of gratitude to their users who spare time for marketing about the company on social media platforms.

For instance; @PierSideGrill a famous blowfish bar in Florida acknowledged its consumer with a #thankyou tweet who promoted its page on his Twitter account. The famous blowfish bar also appreciated its number of consumers for writing their experience posting one of its favourite reviews as an image with #thankyou #review hashtags. Such activities motivate and bring a smile on the user’s face resulting in increase in the user acquisition rate. Below image shows how this famous bar PierSideGrill acknowledges its consumers for doing a great deed.

5. Increase Email Signups:

Users trust Twitter to a great extent and hence, this turns out to be a good opportunity for companies and brands to use it as a potent marketing platform to increase the signups. There are numerous examples of companies which instantly increased their email signups executing simple marketing strategies on Twitter.

The most popular one is blog sharing. Most of the companies add a signup button at the bottom of each blog. Therefore, when a user redirects from Twitter to the website to read the blog, he can subscribe your website if he finds it interesting. Similarly, you can also talk about newsletters on Twitter in a way that compels users to connect with your business. Sharing reviews about your product, or adding signup link in your Twitter bio also works well to attract users for signups.

6. Leverage From Customer Service:

Customer service on Twitter is quite trending. This platform is not only used for user acquisition but can also be used for customer service. Many companies discovered that Twitter is the best platform to address user’s questions or queries.

According to the statistical report, as many as companies have started offering quality services to their users on Twitter the rate has increased to 250%. Twitter is doing great in terms of customer services. For instance; the well renowned Citibank makes the best use of Twitter for addressing its customer problems and garners plaudits. Check out the below example which clearly defines the smart move of this global brand.

7. Boost Your Sales Through @Dm And @Reply:

This is one of the effective strategies which is booming currently especially on Twitter. It boosts your user acquisition rate more than what you expect. Many companies found it really effective especially those who started a fresh and now are a big name.

For instance; UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), the world famous sports organization known for martial arts witnessed a rapid growth in the number of followers using rules and workflows. Not only this, it improved promotional events using personalised DM campaigns. The organization also increased user engagement rate UFC fans across the globe and brought the live performance of all the 20 Twitter accounts in a single dashboard which was a challenge for them. Today, the UFC has tens of millions of fans through its website, Twitter and Facebook. In addition to that, the President Of UFC alone has two million followers on Twitter.

8. Personalised Recommendations:

This is a million dollar strategy. You know the impact of personalization on the users. How it feels when someone recommends you what suits you best when you are not able to make out? You feel good, you feel trusted. Don’t you?

Samsung Australia did the same. To improve its brand recognition and spread a word about its televisions, Samsung AU with the help of Direct Message cards and chatbot learnt user’s viewing preferences and offered personalized TV + recommendations. As a consequence, Samsung AU was able to generate good number of leads at the one-fourth of the typical cost with the chatbot.

Summing Up

These are best strategies you can use to grow your business through Twitter. No wonder, why companies and brands consider Twitter as the best social media marketing platform for all business types. Using innovative strategies you can definitely turn things into your favour and grow tremendously. Apart from the above discussed marketing strategies, what strategies are you planning to employ? Do pen your strategies on the comment section below.

This Article is contributed by Kim Smith, a Content Consultant at, a full-fledged research firm for top SEO companies. She’s been journeying through the world of content marketing for more than 4 years.

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