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Are you interested to make a website, then you are at right place. Building a professional website is not too hard with ucoz. You don’t need any professional experience in web design to create a website for free. Yes, it’s free to build your own website with lots of features.

There are many other free website builder sites but ucoz is somehow unique from them.

What Makes uCoz Different From Others?

By creating a website with uCoz, you are getting unlimited free disk space, with a FTP account which can be accessed via FTP softwares or directly through web interface. In addition you can add more than one domain to your account with a regular backup.

It has a simplest interface with more than 250 default templates also you have a full control over a design of web applications by means of  HTML templates. It has 21 modules with thousands of widget and gadgets.

Also uCoz has built-in visual HTML editor, RSS import-export, Database, Modern CMS, Template builder, etc.

More than 1,000,000 active users are trusting uCoz and it has integration with popular web services like YouTube, Google Maps, Deposit Files, PayPal, Pixlr.

More Features on uCoz

As stated it has 21 modules for various task like Blog, E-shop, Forum, Online Games, Site Search, Site News, Photo Albums, Publisher, Ad Board, E-mail Forms, FAQ, File Catalog, Guestbook, Tag Board, Site Catalog, Online Test, Users.

And Thousands of gadgets and widgets like Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Friendfeed, Ebay Search, wikipedia, Tag Cloud, Skype and lots more.

With 5 years experience it has 99% uptime. A total professional website builder with total website control, Daily Statistics and Data backup.


uCoz is a free website builder with lots of feature, a friendly community, and free website hosting where you can build a website for free. It provide all the feature for free. It is having all the feature in one to create a professional website. So, get your own account on ucoz and enjoy all it’s features.

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