Stop Reading, Start Writing!

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This is a problem that affects all of us, procrastination, or simply reading more and writing less. If you’re in this dilemma and how to increase your productivity Came to the right place.

It is not difficult to come across articles in the blogosphere that hold your attention, the question is what causes the interesting articles in two different situations readers, Opportunity and inferiority. So you ask me: What do these reactions can influence how I update my blog?

Simple. Readers who dare to good articles, one sees opportunity all that assimilated, then begin to think about:

  • I could create a new article or a series of them to complement this with my own words.
  • Can I create videos where the subject can be better understood and worked for my visitors.
  • Do not have time to create new content, but I can make a reference to an existing post and gain sympathy from other blogs and maybe I can make a reference in the near future.
  • I can not devote much time for new articles, but I’ll open the panel in my WordPress drafts to create and not lose the ideas that an article inspired me …

Already bloggers below, after reading a Content Quality, Get a real internal sabotage typically using thoughts like:

  • Wow, this article is so good that there is nothing to complement this text!
  • I will not comment on this article because the comments in WordPress has nofollow.
  • I’m having some, but I think not worth creating a draft now.

Can you tell the difference between these two characters?

It is clear that attitude toward yours and other blogs can directly affect your mood, creativity, productivity and self-worth. It is important to seize every opportunity to create new content or simply new ideas for future use, it’s not every day that our brains dawning of innovative thinking.

Do not let others or even yourself boat everything to lose, and your blog visitors feed to: Content, Texts, Images, Links and Videos. So Stop Reading and Start Writing … And do not forget to comment!

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