8 Tips To Organize Time In Blogging

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I read dozens of blogs devoted to advice and tips for SEO. Users follow the advice to start a blog , then apply it to write better and optimize SEO.  Then, when they had some results, they face a huge problem, time. They discover that blogging is an art of living, and must have a place in the schedule as busy as it is.

When I read the reviews of beginners, I see comments like: I have no time to blog or  I have no time to write articles every day. It is essential to have a concrete timetable to get there, and I too do not publish on my blog every day, but when you look closer, you realize you can earn minutes here and there.

Consider an example of a day, most bloggers work about nine hours a day, they slept 7 hours, so it leaves us 8 hours to do chores at home, spend time with his family and friends.

The 8 tips to organize schedule to blog

Less theory and more practice!

Beginners spend too much time reading and making plans for the long term. Stop, and take action, write, write, and write!  Even if you are a champion in SEO, it is useless if you lack in contents. Do not be a blog reader, be a creative blogger.

Stop controlling the statistics!

All bloggers are obsessed with statistics, including me. Some are so obsessed that they publish the number of statistics in their blog! I’m not saying do not do it, but every week, it borders on the ridiculous!  The statistics will improve automatically if you produce content in quantity and quality.

Focus on the important aspect of the blog

The goal of any blogger is to have visitors, so you can concentrate on that, and what attracts visitors? Ahh content? Well here it is, then is it useful to publish the stats every week? It is also interesting to directly address the reader, avoid the impersonal tone.

Do not get distracted

Most of us spend their time in social networks and RSS readers, they want to be the first to be informed. And the content? It’s nice to treat the personnal branding, but the latter only if you have any articles to prove it.  Currently, the reputation on Twitter or Facebook is not as important as that of a blog. The best is to organize time for both theory and practice.

Take out your TV!

Some say they have no time to them, and they stay for hours slumped in front of the television!  Seriously, TV is the worst enemy of the blogger. Also throw the TV out  of the window or on your landlord, and you will see that you have more time.

Emphasize quality over quantity

Some follow a step too hectic, they think that writing articles 4 or 5 turn them into better bloggers.  Your blog will not die if you miss a day or two, it is better to write a good article a week.

Look after your health

I know it looks stupid, but we must take care of  our health.  Exercise, and walks to unwind the mind. In other words, be more energetic!

Your blog is your passion

This advice is sometimes binding for beginners, as only the passion between you and your blog can help you.  If you love your blog, you will not want to drop it, in fact it will even become part of your personality.

These instructions will help you move from a passive state to active. You used to spend hours in front of the TV and you spend hours on the Web to watch, watch … NOW, you’re on the other side of the camp, you are productive, smile you have become a BLOGGER!

33 thoughts on “8 Tips To Organize Time In Blogging

  1. Excellent Tips Isha. I follow a very simple process but the important fact is staying true to it.

  2. I appreciate with you, I have a personal opinion that Bloggers dont have time since they are performing other blogs to bring back links, Although they should manage their time for writing by scheduling their time by the tips like here…

  3. Hey Isha ,

    I am visiting first time in your blog ,really I got a great blogging tips and post here.Now I have bookmark ur blog I am very happy to see this post.I am also blogger from india and most of time I avoid all the above tips .So I always unable to make burning post.

    Thanks Suggestion and tips
    Jai Prakash Chauhan

    1. yeah you should try to avoid the above piont to manage time for blogging and writing a killer post…. welcome to cyber world jai…. thanks for your comment….. keep visiting….

  4. Hey Isha, the TV and the health part is what I am missing. I used to watch cricket a lots of time since I am an avid cricket fan and this makes to work at nights. So my health is also spoiling. Need to take care of these things.

    1. bloggers should take care of their health as to write a good post need more energy.. and TV is always the enemy of bloggers…..

  5. Hi, Isha
    Came across your site through some other blog. Good articles. congrats, keep blogging.
    It is always good to keep a blogging diary. Note down the ideas in few lines. Ideas can come from other blogs, magazines, news papers, TV channels etc… Whenever get time, slowly develop these notes into posts.

    1. yeah sujith idea can come from various source but blogger should orgainze time to impliment the source.. thanks for the comment… welcome to cyber world…. keep visiting…

  6. That’s nice tips, I would start following them as they helps. 🙂

  7. I’m following all the points listed here but still I’m not able to get time for blogging 😀

    1. there are some other reason for not getting the time for blogging… but the point can manage your maximum time for blogging….

  8. Great tips, it’s so easy to get distracted when blogging, I mean everytime I turn on my laptop I end up doing something I didn’t mean to do, sometimes you just have to really discipline your self and do what needs to be done.!

  9. If one is going serious with blogging, sometime they dont give time to their health but we should look our health too. 🙂 A good posts to save time for blogging.

  10. Hiya Isha,

    I thought I was the only one with a dot INFO domain. 🙂 Great to see these tips as not only do I need them at the moment but my work is piling up! I need more priorities. Thus, I love that you instilled your voice in each concept. That’s something we all need, more personal takes on the theories. Which goes to say, the first is definitely all about taking action. Without much, we’re only recycling content and miming each other.

    Second, I too was worried about statistics but after going under 100k, you know, it’s about bringing in relevant content to regulars now and not so much about impressing them. I think that’s also 3 and 4.

    Moreover, I don’t watch much TV, it sits like a flower pot. I like posting everyday and my readers know that, I don’t expect them to reply to every post but I see they’ve read it in their RSS reader

    I agree on the health part, I spend too much time glued to the computer screen. That’s because it’s also my job too, can’t help that.

    And yes, I love blogging with a passion. I just have a lot to learn as time goes on. Everyday is something new.

    It’s all about unleashing it!

    Thanks for the conversation 🙂

    1. thank for comment thu… glad it helps you…. welcome to cyber world….. keep visiting…..

  11. Good tips Isha, the last one is very important Unless you are passionate about your blogging subject, you most likely wont want to devote time towards taking the time to blog!

  12. One point got my attention: Stop controlling the statistics! This is the most common problem with blog owners. They almost spending much time of their day just to monitor their stats. The usual process, changing something to the blog then checking the stats, then change something again, then check it again. It’s actually a recurring process. A blog owner can’t get an obvious result overnight. He must at least spend much time and effort to make the expected changes in stat possible.

  13. Hi Isha

    Great things shared out. Cool 🙂

  14. Great Post lsha, I think Do not get distracted is the best way to go, and facebook and twitter are terrible they will drive you crazy, so turn them off and you should be fine,


  15. Taking the TV out is best way to keep Focused

  16. hey nice tips….helpful to new bloggers like me. thanks

  17. Writing post is important but promoting this most important task. So try to promote your work and make sue that people read your articles.

  18. Long time haven’t seen your new posts. How is it going, Isha?

  19. Nice points here. Every serious bloggers should follow these steps.

  20. Great Share Isha 🙂

  21. Nice tips about managing time for bloggers….I work alternate days and try to post atleast once every 3 days…

  22. Some people really put all their effort and time on blogging and sometime effect their health this is a very good guideline for newbie. One thing is if you have great plan doesn’t mean you will succeed in what you doing plan is important but put it into action is the most important one =)

  23. Nice post, Isha,

    It certainly is so easy to get distracted and waste time with out knowing it. I find as a blogger it is actually so much harder, because you face a whole clean day and therefor think you have plenty of time.

    I agree with you very much regarding the constant referring to statistics. I’m trying to learn to watch the stats less and just get on with producing the goods and connecting with bloggers.

  24. I would say Social Media is the greatest distraction that distracts me from blogging. So I keep my HootSuite tab closed when writing an article 😛

  25. Hi Isha, Great tips to become healthy blogger 🙂

  26. I agree watching TV and Surfing YouTube consume a lot of time and Blogger should avoid excess of both these things

  27. I Started a Blog and just searching tips to manage times for blogging
    but I’ll surely try your tips too thanks 🙂

  28. My share…

    1. Be a social blogger. No man is an island.
    2. Be fast and smart. It is better than being intelligent.
    3. Be trustworthy. Honesty is still the best policy.
    4. Be patient. Blogging is a career, not a job.
    5. Be consistent. Blog only about the things you like the most.

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