The Benefits Of Twitter For Business

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Twitter and tweets have taken the world by storm, spreading news, information, personal opinions and advice. Even those people living in secluded areas or those opting for solitude, can access news and inputs and gain knowledge by reading others’ perspectives by simply using Twitter.

  • Twitter offers a networking platform between clients and business entrepreneurs, and helps to do away with the need to hold expensive networking events.
  • Twitter helps a daily interaction and immediate addressing of critical issues, rather than having clients wait for an opportunity to meet or send emails
  • Twitter helps news spread long before it is broadcast by news sites, and that too with additional inputs and perspectives.
  • Twitter helps in problem solving through a network of friends and colleagues who will offer immediate solutions. Hence it becomes a knowledge sharing platform.
  • Twitter gives flexibility of timing-one can spend as much or as little time on the site to maximize gains
  • Twitter offers bright business prospects as word spreads from one set of people to the other, setting off a chain reaction
  • It is also the cheapest and perhaps among the most effective ways to advertise for businesses.
  • Twitter is a gold mine of information, latest developments all of which can be incorporated usefully
  • Instead of brainstorming sessions and recruiting consultants, Twitter can bring new business ideas that can be used to expand the existing business setup.
  • Brand building is a big challenge and businesses build brands to succeed. Twitter helps in building better brands without having to spend millions on brand building and promotion.
  • Twitter and all the feedback it brings for the business helps the entrepreneur improve the customer service by addressing the complaints of customers and taking action to rectify mistakes and problems.
  • Twitter helps in getting more business to expand the existing one.
  • Twitter enables businesses to go viral
  • Notifying customers becomes easy through Twitter and this benefits all businesses
  • Finally, Twitter becomes the public face of the business and as the network expands it sends the right signals about the popularity of the business.

Many experts suggest that social media in general can offer a poor return on investment when companies use it to try and target new business but I do not believe that this is the case. There are a number of pros and cons when you decide to use this method but it is still a valid and useful marketing tool for many business. The key though is to target the right people with your campaigns, if you do not attract the right market with any of you social media campaigns ( and I’m not just talking about twitter) then of course you are going to have a poor return. Social media is all about groups, that’s why it is called “social” and if you can find  and successfully target the influences in a particular group this will have a knock on effect with the rest of the group and this is what makes a successful social media campaign.

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