Best Ways to Deploy Google Authenticator in WordPress Blog!

In the present scenario, people have become more concerned regarding the web security as more and more work is done online. If you are one among them and having a WordPress blog, then you landed at the right page. Yes! You heard it right. We will discuss about Google’s 2-factor authentication in this post to […]

Secure Wordpress Site

How to secure WordPress Site – The Complete Guide

WordPress, the most popular content management system (CMS) is mostly used for blogging and accounts to nearly 23% of total websites on Internet. Being the most popular web publishing platform, WordPress is also among the favorites for hackers and spammers. WordPress itself is quite secure and if any loop holes are detected, they get patched […]

How To Change URL from HTTP to HTTPS [A Complete WordPress Guide]

HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP. HTTPS (HyperText Transport Protocol Secure) adds a secure layer over HTTP protocol.  Security is in deed a necessity everywhere, especially in internet. Thats why Google wants more SSL/HTTPS site on internet. Google is giving a Ranking boost to encourage webmasters to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS. However, they are not […]

Four Plugins To Keep Your WordPress Site Safe

WordPress is at least as secure as other content management systems. It’s also more popular. When hackers and cyber criminals look for vulnerabilities, it makes sense for them to focus on an application of WordPress’s popularity. It gives them the greatest chance of finding a vulnerable site. No matter how secure a default WordPress installation […]

7 Amazing WordPress Protection Tips which save your blog

WordPress in general is pretty secure platform for bloggers. As it is Open Source it is more vulnerable to hackers and there are many cases where popular blogs running on WordPress CMS have been hacked. Building and managing blogs requires lot of effort. But when all our valuable information is sucked by hackers, the time […]

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