How You Should Treat Your Readers

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I’d rather read some novel than spend my time on a post that claims to be teaching something I am not getting. Don’t get fooled; things have changed  a lot the last years since the begining of the internet. The attitude of internet users has changed completely towards useless content. Nobody would spend the least of his time in a place without value. Maybe that is why the bounce rate of your site is too high; visitors are running away because the content of your site or perhaps your services is missing it somewhere.

There are a lot of posts that have been made on blogging tips with a lot of emphasis on value. Most of these tips get forgotten over time. But we actually need to add value and do that consistently too. I understand it might be some how hard to place all our commitments on writing, whereas on the true sense, we are out to make money. Consequently, a lot of people have concentrated on the Dollar aspect; all their efforts are channeled on monetizing and making money with their blog – but only to look back and see that the money is not coming too, due to lost-readership.

In the next few minutes, I will share with you 5 ways through which you can add value for your readers, in order to increase your readership and thus make-back 90% of your efforts in Dollars.

Let Your Blogs And Other Tools Be A Helping Hand

You and I know that 65% of internet users today are looking for information, possibly one that will solve their problems. People are looking for the best deals and trust-worthy suggestions to direct them on daily basis. Why not offer that hand? Use your blog, Twitter sites, podcast, and many other tools to solve problems. It might be on something around your niche or beyond. Whatever it is, somebody out there needs it and will rate you #1 once they got it.

Don’t Ignore Your Readers

Some people ignore questions asked on their posts or blogs. This will only convince potential readers that your blog is not interactive. When people ask for help or perhaps throws a question on your post, respond with the best answer. If you don’t know it, carry out a research first; for no reason should you leave it un-answered. Most times, even if there are no questions after 3-5 comments, you may still contribute; praising the commentators for their wonderful ideas and chipping in your own where necessary.

Use Plugins

Apart from the fact that plugins makes blogging activities easier, it also makes the blog look neat and come of value. There are a lot of pugins out there that can actually add value to your blog. From the short experience I ‘ve acquired from my Reviews & Coupons blog, the VeryBestSoftware.Net,  Comment plugin,  CommentLuv and KeywordLuv are a must for every blogger. It encourages blog interaction and makes every blog come lively when well integrated. The Flickr plugin will bring niche related pictures to your blog or site, thus making it lively and up-to-date. Also using the Twitter update plugin will help you send update tweet once a new post is made on your blog. However, you must not integrate any plugin you see in your site, but only those that you know are nnecessary and will add value to your blog.


I have noticed that the membership’s sites that are performing very well are those that their founders are very generous. People will not mind to pay $38 every month, if they will get the best of what you know, your abilities, efforts and also have your best helping hands on their side. The value of these is well over $38 dollars and when given with no bias of any kind, your readers will never forget your first name.

Generosity is a good determinant of value. Start from giving away something today; something very valuable in your niche and let them know you just want to give it out in order to help them. Run a contest for your commentators, interact with them and give them your best. This will show them your commitment to helping them and will thus, gain you more readers and followers.

Respect Your Readers

Treating your readers respectfully will not only gain you a lot of followers, it will also add value to whatever your services are. Hence everybody will go to a place where his problems are prioritized. Sometimes, some of your readers might ask an annoying question or throw a request for repetition. You don’t need to get pissed; be respectful with your answers. And believe me, that folk will leave wherever place he is been insulted and run back to you for more.

How do you treat your visitors my fellow blogger? What’s their feedback? Are satisfied with the value you offer? These are the few tips I think constitute the major draw-backs for many blogs when handled wrongly. Now you have something to consider as you weed-out those your blog from unfavorable factors.I am waiting for your comments.

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