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Tips To Grow As A Writer

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There is a myth, widespread in our society, that big words make great writers. Unfortunately is with complex and confusing prose that makes great, mainly by the handle of respected individuals who write only to impress. But that in doing so forget the noble purpose of writing: bring people of inner thoughts of the writer.

In writing, the author conveys his thoughts but can not and should not control the player. Once, when the message reaches the reader’s mind the words come to life itself and the author becomes irrelevant.

Writing to impress, by contrast, has the power to turn people away. Perhaps the vast majority think that writing with words is synonymous with talent and superiority, but the big problem of this kind of writing is not enough to anyone, and when the writing does not reach the mind of others is like the work never came to exist.

Writing does not mean living in isolation, means having the will to reach the minds and hearts of people.

Getting people’s minds?

Writing is an art almost impossible to teach, and is a way that it becomes hard for those who just want success and fame.

Of course, now anyone can write a book, is not the first time we see the morning show hosts to do so. But not all have the ability and passion necessary to become writers. I can always give some tips and show you new ways and directions, but ” You have to open the door.”

So I’ll show you a path:

Make reading an important part of your day

A basic advice, repeated by many writers and bloggers, however, is a board that never go out of fashion and is fundamental to improving our writing. The great writers are as a rule not big readers.

Sees reading as a learning opportunity. And you learn to read consciously.

Study the grammar

Familiar with the grammar of our language has two main objectives: namely to structure sentences in a way that is understandable to readers and, more importantly, know that we can break rules to enrich our texts.

The writers spend their lives breaking the rules of grammar, but what distinguishes them is that they do so consciously. And these errors are aware that help us discover our own style.

Stay Simple

After obtaining this aspect of our first rough drafts need to clean house. This should eliminate unnecessary words pass, replace complex words by synonyms simpler avoid writing in passive voice and avoid excessive adverbs.

Adverbs are used to modify the meaning of verbs, adjectives and other adverbs. It is almost always preferable to use only simple verbs of action to keep the reader interested and active.

It makes writing a natural

Writing is very crucial and other advice repeated. But there’s something I want to emphasize this point: do not write only when you feel inspired.

Inspiration is like a capricious fairy godmother who rarely appears when we want. Instead of staying to wait for it to appear writes, insisting that even when you think already exhausted your words. Because, sooner or later, after 5, 10, 20, 100 pages you can find something fabulous.

And this is something you should take this journey to refine your talents. If you are able to persist even when everything seems black as pitch will be much easier to continue when the fairy godmother come down from her position to bless your words.

Write as you speak

Or at least like you would speak in an ideal situation. Because when we read is a process called sub-vocalization. This means that during reading we “hear” mentally our own voice reciting the written word.

So read our text aloud help us understand whether our writing seems artificial. It is also a fabulous way to find errors and finding ways to simplify writing to facilitate faster reading and better understanding of the text.

Above all enjoy the process

Write recognized without seeing the fruits of our labor is often a painful and unpleasant experience. Everyone goes through those moments when our writing does not seem to evolve and begin to question our talents.

It is therefore important that you learn to enjoy writing, write for yourself and for those who are close to you. If you are good enough for the world success will come naturally, by then you should persist in your efforts and give up your personal need to succeed. If you find the passion and happiness in your own writing, the way to refine your talent will no longer seem so bleak.

Write to think of you, edits to think of others

When an idea is born it is essential to passing it to the paper. At this stage, no matter if the text has a logical sequence, it is understandable or have the potential to please many people. The important thing is that everything that passes came in your mind for the role or the word processor.

After “materialized” your ideas you have to make sure that you understand everything you wrote and let the text stand. When you feel emotionally distant from your creation, you can begin to organize ideas so that they can be understood by your readers.

I hope these tips have been useful. But I am sure that this article will be richer if  you are willing to share your ideas.

10 thoughts on “Tips To Grow As A Writer

  1. That’s true, simple words make more sense than complex junk put together, if others can’t understand what’s the use of writing anyway

  2. Good to hear from you on what to write as a writer…sometimes we tend to forget these things and just keep writing for search engine robots !!!

  3. Yes you are right! Too much keywords spoil the content!

  4. I agree the art of joining sentences with various idea’s is a quality of a good writer. Good writing sense is really important

  5. Visiited your blog for the first time. came from shoutmeloud.

    nice blog and also thanks for the tip and i agree with Karthik. More and more bloggers are writing for the Google Bots 🙂

  6. Nice tips. “Write as you speak” – something very important to increase reader interactivity. Also, sharing personal experiences helps in involving readers in the post.

  7. nice points shared, grammatrical errors are the one which you have to remove so as to become a perfect writer

  8. If we just write for our readers it wont reach the search engines. But if we just write for the search engines we will get plenty of readers but we wont get the appreciation which we deserve. So we have to write in a way which attracts both regular bloggers and search engine visitors.

  9. These are really great tips and they truly touch my heart 🙂

    Apart from blogging, I’m at the moment writing a book and I must say these tips will definitely help me a lot.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Reading novels, writers bio graph would also help a lot in doing your writing work, believe me.

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