Samsung Galaxy S6 – All the rumors in Nutshell

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Many top sources have been lately discussing the possible release date of the Samsung Galaxy S5. According to them, the smart phone release is all set to be announced in early 2014. Additionally, the gadget is also said to be the better and improved version of the Samsung Galaxy S4. This means that the new hardware ought to have better capabilities in terms of display size characteristics, display resolution power, battery power longevity and internal processing of tasks.


With the said characteristics, it is without doubt that smart phone lovers are anxiously waiting for the gadget to be introduced into the market so that they can enjoy the benefits that come along with it.

Release date of Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung is yet to do it again in the coming year (2014) with the rumored release of their new upcoming gadget; that is the Samsung Galaxy S6. It is said that the Galaxy S6 will be the best of the best smart phone series that they have ever released. It will come with better performance and other functionality when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S6 specifications

There is so much speculation of the specifications that the Galaxy S6 will be unveiled with. Below are some the stipulated features:

Operating system: The gadget is said to be unveiled with an Android 6.0 operating system. This means that it will be better in terms of computing and multitasking.

Display attributes: It is said that the new piece of hardware will have a display size of approximately 4.5 inches. In addition to that, the display will be S-OLED.

Camera attributes: The Galaxy S6 is rumored to have an 18 mega pixel camera. With such a camera there is so much an individual can do with the gadget. That is; it is a great device to take pictures in High Definition (HD), make video calls and record HD videos.

Battery longevity: The battery of a smart phone is very important that it supports those applications that the device will have. Due to the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will better functionalists; the battery will also be improved so as to support internal processing tasks as well as standby time and talk time while it is being used.

Processor: It is rumoured that the smart phone will have an improved processor. Apparently, it will be better than that of the Galaxy S5.

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  1. No you are not true about the Camera specification as I have read that it will incorporate 20 Megapixel Primary Camera.So,am I wrong or aren’t you?

  2. All the specs shown here are fine enough as speculations but I don’t think so that Samsung will be releasing Galaxy S6 in 2014 only. I mean this is not good for a firm to release three flagships in a single year. One is Galaxy S5 recently launched and second as you said Galaxy S6 and lastly which is the phablet series member Galaxy Note 4! This sought of thing will be really tough and hectic for Samsung. So I don’t agree with you in this regard else everything was good enough as speculations.

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