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Google is best known as search engine. But it is more than a search engine, it plays prank with us, celebrate birthdays, affected by gravity and much more. It is totally like a emotional and funny robot which can search solution for any possible problems with you in seconds.  So, Here we have collected some funny and interesting searches by which Google makes itself more than a search engine.

Do a barrel roll

The Keyword ‘Do a barrel roll’  rotate  the result page around it’s own axis. Search the keyword without quotes (‘) for funny result.

Google Gravity

Google Gravity proves that Google is also affected by Gravitational force. Access Google Gravity and watch Google falling apart and the effects of gravity.

Pirate Google

The Pirate Google was made to serve as a memorial day to pirate. And it’s not the ‘Search’,  yes, ‘Searrrch’ . Everything is in the language of the pirates.

Google MentalPlex

The Google MentalPlex is the tool which enables search by  just thinking. According to the instructions, You Should removes your hat and glasses and think about what you want to find. Of course it does not work, right? It was only a joke of April 1st.


As the the keywords suggests google page will lean by searching these keywords ‘Tilt’ or ‘Askew’ without quotes (‘).

Ascii Art

Ascii Art is the name given to drawings using only characters. When looking for Ascii Art in Google. The doodle will Appear written in Ascii form.


It was created for the anniversary of the game pacman, but is still available. Go to page Google Pacman and play version of this famous game.

Les Paul

This was created to celebrate the guitarist Les Paul Birthday. Google doodle is turned into a guitar that Can be played with the mouse or the keyboard keys. It is made  to record the songs and send to someone via the link generated.

Google Sphere

Look for Google Sphere with I’m Feeling Lucky and see it turning into a moving ball. You can even search images but the result will be moving form.

33 thoughts on “Funny And Interesting Google

  1. This is the reason why Google Outsmarts yahoo and bing! They keep the visitors instrested!

  2. Very funny and interesting, we must thank to their programming team which is really brilliant and come up with such outputs. 😀

  3. Really, such interesting outcomes and stunnig programming makes it live person. That’s alos the reason why it’s the most popular search engine.

  4. I enjoyed the post. I tried them all and my favorites are Google gravity and Google Pirate. I can fool some not techie guys over with Google gravity haha. Even I can’t search well with it. It also crossed my mind that may be modern pirates (they do exist right?) are using Google pirate.

  5. The pranking of Google is really very funny…its a great thing to play with google..

  6. Yes, Google is so much more than a search engine 🙂 i like especially the google doodles, some are pretty cool, like the jules verne one. I think that these peculiarities show that behind technology there are people, and this makes everything more fun and authentic.

  7. Can’t get Google Sphere to work 🙁 do you have to turn off Auto Suggest?

  8. Really interesting post about Google. It nice to see worlds biggest internet company have fun with its users.

  9. It’s really the unhidden side of Google. Thanks for sharing and what a motivation to see how Google’s team do it so creatively.

  10. Hi, Really Funny And Interesting tricks of Google. Its really funny to play with Google. Thanks for Sharing!

  11. Yeah agree that. Those are really interesting effect and a great result of Google’s work.
    Thanks For sharing.

  12. this is awsome, i liked the most is that do a barrel roll and google gravity ( means the first two) i am show this amazing trick to my friend also , thanks admin

  13. That is why, I trust in Google and become habitual of it. Google is really Great.

  14. yeah! its fun to play with Google but google should not play its user privacy too

  15. Both innovative and entertaining!Keep it up Google!

  16. I love the barrel roll. Its definitely hilarious.

  17. Google is not only a search engine its a passion, trend etc…

  18. When I opened google search page on my birth day I had the pleasant surprise: GOOGLE WISHING ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I shared a screenshot with my friends.

  19. The Great Google!!! Google always give us amazing innovative ideas. Rock on!!!

  20. Thanks for showing this Amazing and Entertaining side of Goooogle G.
    “Do a barrel roll” is simly awesome. Goggle is much more than search engine. it wished me on my birthday, what was surprise for me.Thankx:-) Be always Creative Mr. Goooogle G.

  21. Great collection!!…Looking forward to more innovative doodles from google!!..My best was do a barrel roll.!!

  22. Google Gravity is my all time favorite. I’m just loving it

  23. Les Paul is totally new for me..Thanks for sharing..Keep the post coming..

  24. Google is one of those companies that has a surprise element on chart everyday. You start your day opening the home page and its a different story altogether. Kudos to all the creative team behind this great human company.

  25. Nice one, I liked the Google Gravity very much

  26. Ya, these are some amazing trick about google. Interesting to read about “Google Sphere” & “Google Gravity”. I like it.

  27. they all are amazing..!
    but i like do a barrel roll most ..!!!

  28. That is why Google is the king among all search engine. :):)

  29. Massive Collection!! I love when Google does stuff like the ‘do a barrel roll’ search trick.

  30. Very funny n interesting,thanks..google team !

  31. thnks for sharing this awesome & funny tricks about google

  32. Very interesting side of Google. I like the creativity hidden behind google search.

  33. A ha ha ha Wait let me Laugh on the first one.
    Excellent collection of google Doodle and pranks.

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