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Chimpact: Take Control Of A Jumping Chimp

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If you are interested is a fun jumping game for iOS, then Chimpact is for you. As the name implies, the player will take control of a chimp that likes to jump around and harbors a love for shiny things and of course, bananas!

Read on to know more about the gameplay as well as what to expect from this game.

Chimpact: Gameplay

The gameplay is quite simple. The players take control of a little chimp that likes to collect as many bananas as he can, along with shiny objects. The game starts with the chimp in the air, and the aim is to keep jumping on rampolines and go as high as you can, collecting bananas and any shiny objects that come in the way. The player has to keep jumping and read the home base where other chimps are waiting for the player. When you reach the home base, the level ends. There are 36 levels which the player has to complete. There are also ‘enemies’ which the player has to dodge, such as big bug, etc.

Players might have trouble with the view of the game because they can’t know too much about what’s in front of them, and this can get a little annoying. Other than that, the players will like the fact that they just don’t have to go up straight because they will need to maneuver left and right in order to reach the home base. Players can buy new costumes for the character as well as power up by paying for them through the things you collect.

Chimpact: Graphics and Sound

The graphics and the sound of this game are also quite good. The graphics are quite detailed, and the jungle environment looks quite nice. There are also special effects that look impressive when your chimp speeds up or when you use power ups.

The sound and music effects add to the excitement of the game, and are quite fun to listen to.

Chimpact: Conclusion

All in all, Chimpact is a very nice and fun game to play, especially if you like jumping chimpanzees. You can download Chimpact from the App Store for $0.99. Feel free to leave your comments!

3 thoughts on “Chimpact: Take Control Of A Jumping Chimp

  1. Hey Mr. X,

    Who doesn’t like a jumping monkey? 🙂 Chimpact sounds like a great way to spend a little bit of free time. Does it get addicting? Every time I get a new game, I’m like, “I’m only going to play for 30 minutes”. Four hours later I’m still playing and my phone’s nearly dead.

    1. Well, it does once you get a hold of the game 😉

  2. Very good and addictive game,and what is even better it’s only 0.99$.

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