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Here, i am back with a long gap. Actually, i was busy with my project works. These day i was watching some video’s from sites  other than youtube for my project and liked some site which i am sharing with all.


Surely the site YouTube is the most accessed site in the world to discover, watch, and share video upload. Great site to upload videos and put them on the worldwide web. There are videos in youtube with millions of access.

Myspace: Video

We know very well that Myspace is a social network, but with several features, including interactive communication through pictures, blogs, profiles, music and video. The user can also upload videos on the site. Considered the world’s largest social network plus more than 110 million users.


Video site where users can post their videos, share, watch, and more. Dutch site with movies, videos, humor, music.

Yahoo Video

The Yahoo Video is a site where you can send, share, and find millions of videos from all over Yahoo. Find videos submitted from all over the world, and have fun.


Metacafe is a video hosting service with a huge collection, many videos of all genres, very useful for recreation as for searches. Comedy videos, music, sports, among others.


Vimeo is a video sharing site, you can upload your videos, share them, and watch videos.  It is a very interesting content site with lots of videos, very cool.


Here is one of good sites for watching videos online, watch the latest music videos, short films, television programs, movie trailers and funny videos. Upload, share and embed your video.


LiveLeak is a video sharing site that lets users post and share videos. Liveleak puts emphasis on current events, based on reality and more.


Watch funny videos and video clips, images, The site’s editors find the best funny videos, clips and pictures for you to watch and enjoy to the fullest. Worthwhile.


VideoSift is a video aggregator videos designed to show unique and interesting, it’s worth your click, there are several videos of every possible category.

13 thoughts on “Sites To Watch And Share Videos Online

  1. Long time not seeing your post, Isha. Are you busy with your work?
    Btw, thanks for sharing the list. I just know about Youtube, metacafe, vimeo and dailymotion.

    1. Yup, Tuan i was not getting time to update blog. There was lots of project i was working with. And thanks for your valuable comment.

  2. Long time…no see…I was wondering where are you…all the best for your project…thanx for sharing these video sites…I use only youtube.

  3. Finally, I got to see you after so many days. I will say “Welcome back”. Looking ahead for more posts from you. And thanks for the useful websites. Got to know many new ones.

  4. Youtube is the best,reliable,fastest.I use only youtube for video sharing and uploading

  5. Hello Isha! Thank you very much for sharing this info! Honestly, I only knew about YouTube, MySpace and Yahoo! Video and the rest are new to me and I’ve just heard about them here. I wish you all the best for your new project and I’ll be waiting for you to share about that. =)

  6. Today, video sites are very useful because they serve as a search engines. If you want to know about internet marketing or something your interested with you can quickly surf the net, search and watch its video. That’s how easy it is!

  7. Well done here! I really like your post because it teaches us other videos sites that offers video information that we need. Watching videos are sometimes more convenient and easier to understand than a lengthy article. Thanks!

  8. I had shared the videos in Metacafe and Youtube only. I didn’t used remaining site what you told i will try to share in those websites also thanks for sharing the information with us.

  9. Hi Isha…its been really long…nice to see you again…BTW nice article…I use youtube to share videos…I will try others too…Thanks again 🙂

  10. Vimeo is usually my venue in watching wedding and engagement viedographies. 🙂 I didn’t know about, so I am currently loading it in another tab 😀 Thanks for sharing this useful list!

  11. I like you tube, break is alright too I guess

  12. I also started to use videobb. It has a pleasant interface.

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