7 Biggest Lies About Make Money on the Internet

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People who run blogs or site in order to make money, sometimes get disappointed for being slow in results, and begin looking around sites that teach “How to make money”.  The problem is that some sites try to lure people into scams, using various tricks.

One of the most used is the MLM that usually comes disguised with some well-drawn name, like 2000 Super Income Program, Max Money Program, etc.  Let’s discuss some of the tricks they use:

Be an internet entrepreneur and make money sleeping!

Yes, indeed some Webmaster sleeping and their blogs make money, but be assured that those who now sleep, have lost sleep for many, many nights, so you know what? Working, on your sites, reading about marketing, writing contents are really useful, and not wasting time with these nonsense tricks. In fact, even today, if they sleep too much and forget their sites, they may lose ground to competitors and stand back!

Buy our ebook and resale of success and get rich!

There are many e-books with informative content and are helpful, but most e-books with MLM programs are nothing more than formulaic and few effective tips on how to make money selling information products on the Internet. What is information products? E-books teaching to sell e-books! Really a success, right?

Say goodbye to your boss! Work for yourself and get rich!

It may be that many people make money working at home. However, there are many factors that explain these programs do not work. For starters, not everyone has enough discipline to work and earn well at home. Second, not everyone has the entrepreneurial spirit or  really know to start a business and manage to make profit.

Get affiliate and earn, become a millionaire!

The maximum of these programs is basically true, but what’s the underscores and few realize is: another scam to win over. For those unaware, this type of program is a crime, because there is no sale of products, even put an ebook that is for nothing to disguise the scheme.

Get rich with the secrets of our unique system!

Unless the firm sells a single kit and you are the buyer, these tips will not be unique or secret. And If you knew a secret to make people millionaires, you would sell in an e-book or in a video?

False success stories

Occasionally, the so-called “rich” and “persons of program success” photos appear in big cars with high living, as if the only measure of success in one’s life were a car. But do not stop there. 99% of the time, the super big cars are rented only for the photos.

The success gurus

Be wary of so-called internet gurus who teach to make money with miraculous formulas. As far as making money with blogs on the internet, but there are serious people like Jeremy Schoemaker of Shoe Money. But most sites say that MLM or who has the magic formula to make money is just misleading. Now, if you’re even a millionaire and full of money, will lose out time creating a site (usually with a layout polluted) talking about it rather than make your money go?


This article is not intended against any particular site or program. It is just a warning for people who end up falling in scam out there, thinking they will buy the goose that lays the golden eggs on a site that sells a kit of miracle. Nobody is so rich, and even the bloggers and Webmaster making money on the Internet work, a lot! The purpose of this article was only to show the lies that roll around on the internet about making money. Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “7 Biggest Lies About Make Money on the Internet

  1. It’s possible to make money online but before that you need to choose right way or right profession, like freelance writer and so on. You should be ready to invest your time and effort all the time because you can’t expect success by launching your blog, site or any service. You have to find out your potential customers to sell your services or products only then you can make money and it takes lot of efforts.

  2. This article is really a eye opener for all newbies, who’re looking to earn money online. After reading this article they would be able to think more thoroughly. Great sharing.

  3. Nice one, a good read. I’ve been also noticing that scammers have started to use fake web sites that look like, say, news portal in order to add credibility for their “products”. Gotta say that they truly are some hardworking lemmings :]

  4. this all is completely true! there are so many articles about making money online, that sometimes i don’t even want to read them, because all the information is almost the same and I can’t find out something new. More over you are right that the majority of information is a lie: too many promises, but in reality …..nothing

  5. We can’t blame newbies for having to believe the gurus because they hope to be like them too. I once been there. I just slowly opened my eyes to reality. It took me 3 years to earn from my blogs. I have wasted much money , time and effort. Not worthy of what I am earning today.

  6. Very useful post. It creates awareness about the fake programs which motivates to earn money through internet. Whatever it may, its better to deep analyze before starting of work.

  7. Informative post, I have seen those typical phrases all over the Internet about how to become a millionaire in a few steps mentioned here, good article

  8. u are so accurate, precise, and yet so easy to understand. good lessons for beginners like me that just begin make money on the internet.

  9. Hi Isha,
    There are so many lies out on the internet. To staying honest is the best thing but apparently new bloggers try to gain attention of the viewers by misdirecting them towards false information so that they can make a couple of bucks.

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