Tips for Getting Traffic from Facebook

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Facebook is one of the most popular social networks. Besides socializing with people, Facebook can also be used for business. It can help you promote your services and products, to attract traffic to your website or to get new clients.

Compared to other social networks, Facebook offers more possibilities. The following are some guidelines that can be helpful for generating lots of traffic using Facebook.

Make the most of your profile

Just as with other social networks, you will have to make your profile intriguing to become popular. Offer sufficient background information about yourself. Remember to make your profile public so that anyone can see your profile. This way, people may get interested in you and end up becoming supporters or clients.

Talk about your site in the photo gallery and on your wall

Facebook offers the opportunity to share pictures and write about your activities. Use all these channels to create interest in you as well as your products. You could also consider posting videos.

Build your network

With social networking websites, your main asset is your network. Therefore, you should invite your partners, acquaintances and friends and request them to sign up as your fans. Remember also to look for other people who share similar interests. However, don’t spam or be pushy in an attempt to get people to be part of your network.

Post frequently

Regardless of how great your Facebook profile is, you will not get much traffic if you don’t publish fresh content frequently. The more often you can post, the better. Even updating your status frequently is better than doing nothing.

Participate actively

Besides having an impressive network, a great profile and posting frequently, you should also participate actively. Visit your supporters’ sites and profiles, and join their initiatives and groups. Though this might take much time and effort, it will result in more traffic to your site.

Explore different Facebook apps

There are numerous Facebook apps available, with more being released by the day. Though many apps might not be suitable for you, there are those which can come in very handy for you. For example, the Blog Friends and MarketPlace widgets can be great for your business.

Launch a group

Though Facebook is home to numerous groups, you can always find your own niche. Launch a group which is related to your business, and then invite others to join it. This approach will enable you to get targeted users who are interested in your product or your ideas.

Use separate profiles

Much personal information can be exposed on social networking sites. Therefore, if you are concerned about your privacy, you can choose to have a personal profile for socializing, and a separate profile for promoting your business.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Social Ads are a great way of attracting traffic to your site or your profile. They are PPC ads which are very similar to AdWords.

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  1. Facebook Group discussion is very powerful way to expose your products and services to targted people and get more clients as well. I would rather suggest to involved in other reputed niche groups so that you can build your own reputation and then later on you can start your own group.

  2. Truly a great share … Zubin

    I like your words on participating actively and building a network

  3. Great Facebook tips. I usually go on Facebook to check up what’s happening with my friends and to look at their photos. I didn’t know we can use all these methods on Facebook to get traffic!

    Good sharing. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Join niche groups on facebook and start sharing links (make sure the group rules allows you to share links).

    This is one of my biggest traffic source 🙂

  5. Thanks for the response friends, facebook has sent very high traffic to my blog over the last couple of months. It can be a great source of traffic

  6. Excellent post. Thanks Zubin to give some valuable tips. I use separate Facebook accounts for professional and private use.

  7. Hey there Zaki, I think the most important tip to get traffic is engaging with your followers, if we do that then surely a lot of people are going to visit our website as they will have a positive notion of our website. Thanks a lot for this informative post

  8. Thanks for such a wonderful article! It helped me a lot in improving my knowledge.

  9. Great tips Zubin. I was using facebook just to interact with friends and I never tried to get traffic from facebook. Now I will apply your tips to get good quality traffic from facebook. Thanks for this useful stuff.

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