Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a user’s delight with features like an upgraded processor and a huge 2GB RAM. Arguably, it is one of the most powerful Android tablets available in the market today. A welcome innovation is the split-screen window which enables easy multi-tasking. This makes the Note 10.1 more productive compared to […]

Why Is HTC Working on Windows RT Tablets?

The main reason why HTC developers have changed their gears and started investing in RT Tablets is to overtake APPLE in the later part of 2013. Apple remained monopolist in RT tablets technology once and grabbed huge market share by creating effective positioning in the business target market, but now HTC, which is famous for […]

Is the Desktop to be replaced by the Tablet in 2013?

After the mainframe computers bowed out, desktops have cemented their place. Laptops have cropped up to carved out their own identity but they have not been able to relegate the desktops entirely to the sidelines. In offices and homes, desktops continue to be used even today. Industry experts are now feeling that desktops will become […]

How To Make Your Website Tablet-Ready

Popularity of tablet devices is increasing day by day. In the U.S, there are close to 70 million tablet users. Number of tablet users is increasing at a very fast rate. In the U.S nearly 210 million people access internet; which means almost 30% of American internet users browse web from tablet devices. Ecommerce sites […]

How to Fix Common iPad Problems

Constantly evolving technology has given us a chance to make our lives more convenient with portable devices that get faster, smaller, and easier to use. When new products are unveiled, their new cutting-edge features are put on a pedestal to make the new device seem like you can’t live without it. However, every device needs […]

Sony’s New 10-inch Xperia Tablet – First Look

January 20, 2013 marked the day on which Japanese electronics giant Sony joined the 10-inch tablet bandwagon with its new 10.1-inch ‘Xperia Tablet Z’. The Tablet Z succeeds the previous 9.4-inch Android-powered Xperia Tablet S that was launched in the second half of 2012. Though the Xperia Tablet S scored well in terms of performance […]

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