Top 5 e-Book Readers of 2012

People loved reading long before books were published. With the rapid technological evolution, now reading has become comprehensive and easier than ever, especially with the breakthrough of the Internet. The latest additions to the literary curve were the e-book readers, providing users with a novel experience of enjoying a library of books from a single […]

Plans for Tablet PCs in Taxis

Plans are being reviewed for New York cabs to contain tablet PCs for passengers. Proposed by Square, a mobile payment company based in San Francisco, the intention is the replace 50 of the television screens currently in many New York cabs with tablet computers. If given the green light by The New York City Taxi […]

What Makes a Good Tablet for Students?

For many students, educational supplies, course fees, and managing a study budget mean that saving on the cost of buying an expensive all-purpose laptop by purchasing a tablet is a very real option. Educational supplies, and other study materials can end up costing a lot. In many cases, they can cost more than the actual […]

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