3 Ways the iPush WIFI TV Display Dongle Receiver Has Revolutionised the Smartphone Industry

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Not too long ago it was considered a norm that your smartphone and your TV or PC were separate and that the only real way of data transfer was connecting the phone with a cable and moving pictures, movies and other media manually.


But with the constant influx of new technology striving to make our lives easier, it’s no surprise that a nifty little device is bound to make the connection between your stationary devices and your smartphone as seamless as ever. Meet the iPush WIFI TV Display Dongle Receiver – it links your smartphone and your other devices using a wireless connection, making any kind of transfer as easy as it can possibly be.

Here are the three most amazing features that have really made a huge impact in the smartphone industry:

No More Uploading from Your Smartphone

Well, unless you want to. Simply setting up a connection with this little device allows users to view pictures, play music or even watch movies from your phone on your TV or PC, without needing to upload anything.

This is a terrific time-saver and it really makes the whole smartphone media experience a lot smoother, since you don’t need to have the same media overlap on different devices – simply view everything you have on your phone directly on your TV.

Ability to Create Own WIFI Zone

You might think that you absolutely need to have a wireless router in order to be able to use this device, but that’s absolutely not true. Although the iPush WIFI TV Display Dongle Receiver needs WIFI to properly function, it’s no problem if you don’t have it.

The device has the ability to create a WIFI zone that allows it to do a terrific job even in households with wired interned connection only.

Incredible Flexibility

When thinking about the future of technology, one of the most important things is the effortless connection between different devices in order to make the user’s life as easy as possible.

The iPush WIFI TV Display Dongle Receiver strives for that as well, being suitable for both Android and iOS, so you don’t have to worry about if it will work for you. The iPush WIFI Receiver would actually work well with almost any smart device, including tablets.

So if you want to get aboard on using the latest generation of devices, you really simply must use the latest technology in connecting those devices as well. The iPushWIFITV Display Dongle Receiver is the future of device connectivity –it is simple to use, very versatile, and doesn’t need any external devices to work, just like any technology should be.

With devices like this, moving your pictures, movies and other media through cables will be a thing of the past, making the use of all technology a lot more seamless and allowing you to focus on what’s really important – using the media to connect with the people in your life.

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